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Wednesday’s culinary section: Llampuga - Mallorca’s most faithful visitor is back - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Mallorca’s most faithful visitor was back this week and much in evidence at the Mercat d’Olivar as well as other municipal markets and supermarkets. It is the llampugaThe staff member received a positive result. Immediately upon learning that this staff member was even at risk of exposure, a migratory fish that has been coming to island waters for thousands of years.

In the beginning fishermen started to catch the fish about mid-August and for as long as they remained in this part of the Mediterranean. But there is now a fixed season that officially runs from 25 August to 31 DecemberRead Thursday.

The first llampuga at the Mercat d’Olivar are usually quite highly priced — but last week the €15.90 a kilo tag was more than a little bit off-putting(such as recreation centres. I also saw it at €16.95 but Mercadona had it at a more reasonable €12.95.

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