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The most common decoration methods in the market include clear package, half package, all package and package decoration. The main ones are half package and all package, but many people don't know the difference between half package and all package decoration, and don't know which decoration method they should choose, which makes the decoration confused at the beginning and easier to be fooled in the later process. Let's briefly introduce the difference between half package and full package decoration

one of the differences between half package decoration and all package decoration: the purchasers of materials are different

half package decoration mode is that the construction party is responsible for the design and construction of decoration projects and the purchase of auxiliary decoration materials. The owner undertakes the purchase and transportation of main decoration materials, and can have sufficient initiative in the quality control of materials. The specific purchase items can be mutually negotiated and determined by both parties before decoration, in case they can be purchased in time. For all inclusive decoration, the construction party is responsible for the whole process of decoration construction and raw material purchase, and the owner needs to be responsible for all costs

the second difference between half package decoration and full package decoration: the participants of decoration style are different. The decoration method of half package decoration requires the owner and the construction party to discuss the decoration style in advance. Before construction, both parties should prepare complete decoration drawings for the purchase of items. During the decoration process, the construction party can also adjust the indoor decoration style at any time according to the specific color and shape of the items purchased by the owner. In general, the whole decoration process can be changed randomly. The all inclusive decoration is based on the decoration drawings designed by the construction party. After being approved by the owner, the decoration is carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings, and the probability of change again is relatively small

the third difference between half package decoration and all package decoration: the length of construction period is different

half package decoration method, in the actual operation process, the owner is very prone to repeatedly select items that are not satisfied with the purchase, the purchased materials do not meet the building standards, and the material transportation is not in time, which sometimes leads to delays in the construction period. On the contrary, for all inclusive decoration, because the construction team has rich decoration experience, has certain raw material collection channels, and rarely has difficulties in material purchase and transportation, it can generally be completed on schedule, and some may also be completed in advance

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