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Smart home has brought great changes to life, making life more convenient and comfortable. Every living space will become a real super smart home, which will add more happy moments to our life

more and more families choose to buy smart home products to improve the living atmosphere, but many people are still in a wait-and-see state, questioning whether the so-called "smart" is really what we need

people who haven't used it may disdain smart home, but people who have used it may become addicted

is smart home a fake demand

people who have installed uiot super smart products can give us the answer

why do you install smart home

imagine how your home will work by itself:

the lights in your home will automatically switch on and off when needed; After you leave home, the door lock will be locked automatically, and all security equipment will be deployed automatically; When you return home from work in winter, the fresh air at home will help you purify the air in advance, the air conditioner will be turned on in advance, the heater will start heating, and other equipment at home will be adjusted to the appropriate state in advance according to your needs; Let you feel the warmth of going home when you enter the room...

everything at home is well arranged from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to good night. Moreover, even if you are away from home, you can use your mobile device, mobile phone or tablet to control the system or device at home at any time

in the home video and audio system, the voice password starts the "viewing mode" through the smart speaker linkage light, curtain, air conditioner, and viewing equipment, the curtain automatically drops, the projection, power amplifier, speaker, and other equipment automatically turn on, and the light enters the viewing mode at the same time. Shuttle to the cinema in 1s. When there is no one at home, it can talk to you. I showed my friends at home and was very happy to see their envy. It can help me solve many problems when I don't want to move. "Sometimes I feel that it can read my mind...

all these are the wonderful smart home life that the Internet of things smart home can help you achieve.

there are many reasons to install smart home products, perhaps for convenience or curiosity. Interestingly, after we really start using them, we can't live without them anymore.

Second, how are you addicted

smart home ・ super convenient

windows ― ―

in summer, when I was sleeping late at night, suddenly there was a violent storm. The rain sensor sensed the wind and rain, and the window pusher closed the window. And I can sleep at ease ~

door lock ―

no longer need to look through my bag for the key. With uiot super smart lock, it's enough to go out with only a mobile phone

curtains ― ―

when you want to sleep, close the curtains with one key on your mobile phone without getting out of bed

light linkage ― ―

door lock linkage light, when you go home, the light will turn on automatically, and you don't have to look for a switch in the dark anymore

you may think these daily trivia can be done by yourself. Spending money on smart home is a bit "overqualified". However, a family of smart product users in the research said that once they experienced these smart home products, they would really doubt whether they could live in a house without smart home products

we can't stop such changes, just as it's hard for us to think that today we will rely on smartphones so much

smart home ・ super security

IOT door lock -

anti riot and anti prying, C-level lock cylinder, fingerprint unlocking, scene linkage. Through the app and remote monitoring function, you can know whether the elderly and children at home have gone home. If there is any damage to the door lock, you can immediately make a remote notification; If we encounter a bad person threatening to open the door, we can set the abnormal fingerprint in advance, and when we use the abnormal fingerprint to unlock, we will immediately and remotely notify our family members to call the police. Smart door locks have become the first line of defense in home life

IOT door lock is an intelligent product integrating safety and practicality

security suit ―

family safety is the most important. Without intelligent security suit, we often have a "mental burden" -- is the gas off today? Is the door locked? The danger alarm function and danger self-processing function of the security suit really saves a lot of unnecessary worries for the home owner

while bringing convenience, smart home also plays the role of security housekeeper to protect the family and every member of the family

smart home ・ super energy saving

uiot super smart home system 5.0 uses various sensors to coordinate household appliances, doors and windows, water and gas in the home, and automatically make reasonable arrangements according to the preset settings, so that many household facilities that consume electricity, water and gas become efficient and time-saving, whether directly or indirectly, can play a role in energy conservation and environmental protection

smart home energy-saving facilities

the energy consumption in the home is mainly divided into several aspects: first, lighting, second, refrigeration or heating, and third, standby energy consumption, which has always been ignored. In general families, lamps and lanterns often operate at full load. As long as the lamp is turned on, it will operate according to the power corresponding to the voltage. Through the sensor to monitor the indoor brightness in real time, the power of the lamps can be adjusted in conjunction with the natural light, which naturally has the effect of energy saving

you may not think that when the switch is turned off and the plug is still in standby mode, according to the average product data on the market, the standby energy consumption power of the air conditioner is 3.47 watts, the color TV is 8.07 watts, the PC host is 35.07 watts, and the display is 7.69 watts. Electrical appliances and lamps are the two main sources of household electricity

smart home allows owners to cut off the power supply of all electrical appliances and lights with a single press when leaving home in the morning. When they return home from work, they will be automatically powered on again, which is convenient and energy-saving

compared with traditional lighting control methods, smart home can save 20% - 30% of electric energy. Using intelligent lighting technology to make the whole lighting system operate accurately in the most cost-effective way, which can save energy to the greatest extent. In winter and summer, smart home can also adjust the power of air conditioners and heaters at any time, which can not only ensure that human comfort will not be affected, but also save electric energy

from the perspective of the reasons for addiction, smart home has brought great changes to life, making life more convenient and comfortable. Every living space will become a real super smart home, which will add more happy moments to our lives. Don't be bothered by the trivia of life anymore, and enjoy the beautiful life brought by the intelligence of the whole house. With more and more in-depth experience, we can better find out how attractive intelligent technology is ~

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