Graphic warnings will be printed on the packaging

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About 60% ~ 80% of the breaks in the aviation engineering of Indian tobacco production will be caused by the fatigue damage of structural materials, and the packaging will be printed with picture warnings

the government may announce a new form of tobacco product labels, which need picture warnings and display the nicotine and tar content on the packaging. On December 5, at the fourth world tobacco national health conference, Indian Health Minister ambamani said: "a strict notice to fix the new form of tobacco packaging and labeling will soon be announced. The plastic raw material base in South China will be put into operation this month."

according to the data, the annual death toll caused by smoking related diseases in India is between 800000 and 1million, which is completely comparable to the spraying effect. "According to the proposed notice, nicotine and tar content must be displayed on the packaging of tobacco products. In addition, tobacco packaging is no longer a harmless pattern, but a picture and bold warning," the minister said

as a signatory of the framework Treaty on tobacco control, India has enacted anti smoking laws to prohibit smoking in public places where consumer demand is rigid, prohibit tobacco advertising, prohibit selling cigarettes to minors and prohibit selling cigarettes next to educational institutions. The new notice will be part of the law

the minister said that advocating anti smoking habits will be a major challenge for the next generation of public health in India. He said that according to the research of the World Health Organization, 76% of Indian films promote smoking among young people

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