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Introduction: as the world's No. 1 cutting saw manufacturer, Steele group will bring many new products with innovative technologies to the Bauma China 2010 exhibition in Shanghai for the first time. Ts410 and ts420 cutting saws, SB80 diamond cutting saw blades, steel ms29 with new rapid Duro saw chain can be operated again 0

as the world's No. 1 cutting saw manufacturer, Steele group will bring many new products with innovative technologies to the Shanghai Bauma China 2010 exhibition for the first time

ts410 and ts420 cutting saws, SB80 diamond cutting saw blade, Steele ms290 chain saw with new rapid Duro saw chain, bt121 single operator earth drill, etc. will be mainly exhibited. In addition, the original accessories on display at the same time will also reflect the characteristics of high quality, high reliability and high precision of Steele products. Steele, who participated in Bauma China Exhibition for the first time, will emphasize its international leadership by virtue of technological innovation

Steele is the world's No. 1 cutting saw manufacturer. At Bauma China 2010 exhibition (German exhibition group, hall E1, booth 532) held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November, 2010, Steele group will display many new products with innovative technologies and emphasize its industry leadership again

the highlight products ts410 and ts420 cutting saws have rich practical experience. Now they are equipped with an innovative electronic water control system, which can realize simple operation, accurate dosage and special economic water consumption to reduce dust. Another highlight is the new steel SB80 diamond cutting saw blade. Thanks to its extremely strong structure, it has a wide range of applications, from bricks, concrete to granite, and even can cut 10mm thick structural steel

Steele has become the most popular brand in the world, not only because of the cutting saw, but also because of its chain saw. Steele is the only chain saw manufacturer that independently produces chains, guide blocks and motor modules, which can ensure that all parts are perfectly assembled. You know, this is a prerequisite for efficient cutting and high reliability

this Bauma China 2010 exhibition focuses on Steele ms290 chainsaw with new rapid Duro saw chain. It has a sharpness retention time 4 times longer than the standard chain, and does not need to be polished as a new profit growth point in the medium and long term, so the service life is longer. Especially in the heavy workload of the construction and engineering industry, Steele rapid Duro becomes the best choice

at the same time, Steele will also show a large number of other equipment, such as bt121 single person operated earth drill. The biggest highlight is the anti-seismic handle and quickstop drilling brake disc of this tool. When the earth drill accidentally gets stuck in the drilling hole, the operator can release the trigger with the help of the strength of his thigh, and the earth drill can stop immediately. Steele bt121 is applicable to a variety of tasks, whether it is the drilling of pavement engineering or the collection of soil samples in the agricultural field. Steele drilling equipment has a wide range of products, and the maximum drilling diameter can be up to 200mm

high quality, high reliability and high precision panqiuhov, director of the "composite materials and process laboratory" of Plekhanov University of economics who participated in the study, said that the plumb error of the control template is only the feature of Steele power tools, and the same is true of Steele original accessories and spare parts. Visitors to Bauma China 2010 Steele booth will also have the opportunity to try their hand and personally verify its innovative performance

about Steele group

Steele group is a world-renowned enterprise that develops, manufactures and provides outdoor power tools for the forestry, garden maintenance and construction industries. Its product line also includes Viking series gardening tools and equipment. Steele products are sold only through authorized distributors. The sales and distribution network consists of 32 sales branches, more than 120 importers and 35000 dealers, covering more than 160 countries and regions around the world

Steele, founded in 1926, is headquartered in waiblingen, Germany, near Stuttgart. Since 1971, Steele has become the largest chain saw brand in the world. In 2009, the global turnover of Steele group was 2.04 billion euros, with about 10900 employees

about Steele China

Steele group established a wholly-owned sales company in Taicang in 1995. Steele products sold in China are imported from the group's branches around the world. At present, the products sold in China include: chain saws, irrigation mowers, hedge shears, high branch saws, hair dryers, cutting saws, saw chains, proprietary brand special engine oils, etc. Following the consistent tradition of Steele group, the company not only provides products, but also provides perfect technical training and consultation to dealers, and ensures the supply of spare parts

in 2005, Steele group established its wholly-owned subsidiary Andre Steele power tools (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, China, and plans to build it into a large-scale production base under the group. Up to now, all the services of the group have been settled in China, and more than 300 Chinese employees are using global wisdom and local response to ensure that dealers sell steel products without any concern, and Chinese users use steel products without any concern

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