Goodyear plans to close Amiens tire factory in Fra

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Goodyear plans to close the French Amiens tire factory an official of the French government who shows good separation selectivity for CO2 and N2 adsorption and separation said recently that Goodyear is preparing to close a tire factory in Amiens in northern France

France's lemonde recently reported that Goodyear's working committee will analyze the measurement process of the force measuring lever calibration tensile testing machine on the 31st of this month. It can be seen that the closing plan of the French factory was submitted to the committee meeting. The company later declined to comment on this matter in an interview with Reuters

the French trade union called on President Fran ç OIS Hollande to intervene immediately. During his presidential campaign last year, he expressed support for the French employees of Goodyear's Dunlop business department. According to Le Monde, French government officials have recently discussed the situation of Goodyear factory. 1. measurement of force value

Goodyear had planned to transfer Amiens tire factory to Titan International, but failed to reach an agreement with the French Federation of trade unions (CGT) on a voluntary layoff plan. In addition to the Amiens plant, Goodyear also has a tire factory in Montlucon in central France

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