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Gonghuaijin, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, and his delegation visited Keyuan Automation Group Co., Ltd. on the morning of May 13, 2010. Hushemei, President of Keyuan Co., Ltd., shendeming, vice president and other group leaders warmly received the leaders and guests

director Gong visited the exhibition hall of Keyuan Co., Ltd.

at the symposium, President Hu Shimei made a brief report to director Gong and his party on the operation and management, product application, marketing, strategic planning and other aspects of Keyuan Co., Ltd. Director Gong listened to the overall introduction of Keyuan Co., Ltd., focused on the technology R & D and product innovation, fully affirmed the technological innovation achievements made by Keyuan Co., Ltd. and its application in informatization, and placed high hopes on the development of Keyuan Co., Ltd. Director Gong said that the provincial Commission of economy and information technology would provide support for further R & D and innovation of enterprises in information application

during the investigation, director Gong learned that the "syncbase real-time database" independently developed by Keyuan Co., Ltd. was successfully applied to dozens of large power plants in China. He said that the reliability and security of information systems are particularly important because of the fundamental position of the power industry in the national economy. He hoped that Keyuan Co., Ltd. would increase investment, strive for a major breakthrough in this basic software field, and promote the domestic database. However, due to the restriction of oil source flow, our technology includes the application of additives for engine oil, transmission oil and other vehicle lubricants, industrial lubricants, gasoline and diesel fuels in Jiangsu and at home and abroad, so as to better serve the informatization construction of process industry, Contribute to the development of domestic software technology

at the same time, director Gong expects Keyuan Co., Ltd., as a national high-tech enterprise and a leading enterprise in the domestic R & D, production and sales of industrial automation and management information products, to identify its own advantages, make full use of relevant national, provincial and municipal policy support, accelerate cooperation, exchange and innovation, expand diversified markets, make more efforts in technology upgrading and service innovation, and seek a differentiated competitive path. It plays a more important role in accelerating the integration of informatization and industrialization, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of Jiangsu Province and even the national economy to innovation

director Gong visited the NT6000 system commissioning workshop of Keyuan Co., Ltd.

industry is an important field of IOT application. Various terminals with environmental awareness, computing mode based on ubiquitous technology and mobile communication are continuously integrated into all links of industrial production, which can greatly improve manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality, reduce product cost and resource consumption, and promote traditional industry to a new stage of intelligent industry

talking about the application project of IOT in the industrial field that Keyuan is vigorously developing, director Gong pointed out that the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission is establishing industrial chains and industrial clusters related to IOT alliance with a profit and tax of 1.54 billion yuan, focusing on cultivating leading backbone enterprises, and building multi-directional platforms for them, including innovation, cooperation, service, investment and financing platforms. For key enterprises, Miao Wei, Minister of the provincial Ministry of economy, information technology, industry and information technology, xiaoyaqing, director of the SASAC, and other five persons are the deputy leaders of the Committee. The committee is about to carry out the "ten, ten and hundreds of billions" development plan, establish the profit objectives of key enterprises, and manage them by levels and categories. Director Gong hopes that Keyuan Co., Ltd. will actively integrate into the industrial chain of IOT alliance to obtain more long-term development of the enterprise with innovative technologies

finally, director Gong also sent a message that Keyuan Co., Ltd. can "strengthen cooperation and highlight innovation", make full use of various resources, and strengthen cooperation and joint innovation with traditional enterprises and scientific research institutions. This innovation includes not only the innovation of technology, products and applications, but also the innovation of business service mode, because the business process adjustment and management mode change brought about by automation and informatization are revolutionary

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