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The three light industry standards related to paper machine are the window period of the transformation of China's automobile industry. The three light industry standards, including the "mineral oil based paper machine circulating lubrication system lubricating oil", passed the review of the draft for review in Hangzhou

On September 27th, 2005, presided over by the National Technical Committee for standardization of light industry machinery, the drafts of three light industry industry industry standards, namely, mineral oil based paper machine circulating lubrication system lubricating oil, synthetic paper machine circulating lubrication system lubricating oil and paper machine circulating lubrication system flushing oil, were reviewed. These three standards were drafted by the great wall lubricant application research center of Sinopec lubricant branch and Hangzhou electromechanical design and Research Institute of light industry. More than 20 experts from the school of papermaking and environmental engineering of South China University of technology, the Academy of petrochemical Sciences, the petrochemical lubrication branch, Yueyang taigreenpaper group, Shandong Quanlin Paper Group, Guangdong Jiangqiao paper mill, Shanghai Chenming Paper Machinery Company, weimeide Xi'an paper machinery company, Hangzhou electromechanical design and Research Institute and other units attended the review meeting

with the rapid development of China's paper industry, new production line equipment with international or domestic advanced level has been added. Among them, the paper machine is developing in the direction of wide width, high speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and the working conditions of lubricating oil for paper machine are further harsh: high temperature, high load, high speed, long-term continuous operation and contact with steam and moisture. Accordingly, higher requirements are put forward for the performance of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil is required to have good oxidation stability, corrosion resistance, foam resistance, water resistance, compression and wear resistance, etc. Petrochemicals lubricating oil branch has developed new lubricating oil, which has been widely used in many domestic paper machines. After application monitoring on a 3950 domestic paper extruder as a critical processing equipment machine (used for 2 years and 11 months), it has been recommended and recognized by many 0EM [OEM (originalequipmentmanu facturer) standards of foreign equipment manufacturers]. Using domestic lubricating oil to replace expensive imported lubricating oil not only has good economic and social benefits, but also provides a solid foundation for formulating key strategic materials of this bid, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of national economy and the construction of national defense industry. Experts at the meeting believed that the first two industry standards have reached the international advanced level. At present, these three standards are only limited to the lubricating oil of the circulating lubrication system of paper machine cadres. Experts have proposed pressure testing machines and constant stress pressure testing machines. Do you know? In an appropriate period, the standard of lubricating oil for the circulating lubrication system of the wet end and other parts of the paper machine should be formulated. " Click to view all industries (end)

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