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Development and Prospect of printing industry in Sichuan

Sichuan is one of the birthplaces of block printing. It is a wonderful flower in the history of cultural development in Sichuan, and it is also a pearl of pride for the people of Sichuan. The typical representatives of modern publishing and printing conventional ABS alloy marked by lithographic offset printing are: 2002-t4 brush industry, which began in the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty in China, developed rapidly with social development and changes, and piston 5 moved upward to loosen sample 7 during the war of resistance against Japan By regulating the overflow valve on the oil source to reach the peak, it has made positive contributions to the liberation of the Chinese nation and the world anti fascist struggle

On the whole, however, the printing industry in Sichuan developed very slowly during the feudal period. On the eve of liberation, there were less than 200 printing enterprises in Sichuan, and the technology was mainly lead printing and lithography. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, the government took various measures such as takeover, formation and joint operation, which enabled the withering printing industry to develop rapidly. Through the merger of small and scattered state-owned printing enterprises and the acquisition of private factories with better equipment, a large-scale factory with supporting equipment has been established, and it has become a backbone enterprise in the printing industry in Sichuan Province. Before the national "sixth five year plan", most enterprises in Sichuan, large or small, used lead discharge and lead printing technology. Although the printing quality was not high and the labor intensity was high, it still made important contributions to the publishing industry and even the economic and cultural development of Sichuan under the limited conditions at that time

since the reform and opening up, with the economic development and social progress of Sichuan, the printing industry in Sichuan has shown the best development momentum in history. With the increasing development of high and new technology, computer technology is widely used in the printing industry, which has revolutionized the printing industry. Laser Phototypesetting and fully automatic offset printing technology have only taken more than 20 years from introduction, development and application. Over the past 20 years, it has brought a leap to the printing industry in Sichuan - the end of the traditional lead discharge printing, and the production capacity and printing quality have been greatly improved. At present, nearly 90% of the prepress technology in Sichuan has adopted laser phototypesetting. There are more than 100 sets of electronic color separators and whole page jigsaw systems. As an important symbol to measure the production capacity and printing quality level of a printing enterprise, multi-color offset press has become the main project of technological transformation of printing enterprises in recent years, has been popularized and applied, and is gradually developing towards a high starting point and high technology. At present, the province has more than 150 offset printing equipment (sets) with more than four colors. Sichuan Xinhua Printing Factory alone invested 59million yuan in equipment transformation during the "Ninth Five Year Plan" technological transformation. Not only the high-end connection of the original electronic color separation machine, but also the new color desktop system of German hull company; Roland 700 four-color offset printing machine controlled by computer was introduced, and a production center of color products was established for the factory. Sichuan Xinhua color printing factory has purchased heidebao four-color offset printing machine and domestic eight color offset printing wheel, and has also achieved good economic and social benefits. Sichuan, Chengdu Evening News and Chengdu Business Daily have successively introduced world-class eight color offset printing machines, ensuring the development of Sichuan's newspaper industry. The bookbinding of publications has been gradually replaced by bookbinding mechanization by manual operation in the past, and is developing in the direction of bookbinding linkage. At present, the province mainly has Martini binding linkage lines in Kolbus, Germany and Switzerland, and wireless binding machines and horse riding linkage production lines produced by Shanghai Ziguang. The backward situation of binding has been preliminarily changed

due to the continuous progress of printing technology, equipment and even the emergence of black spots, and the improvement of management level, the printing capacity and quality of publications in Sichuan Province have been improved. In recent years, thousands of books in the province have been rated as excellent products every year. A number of excellent books such as Dunhuang documents in English and Chinese Dictionary printed in our province have been highly praised at home and abroad. Especially in the printing of teaching books in primary and secondary schools, he has made outstanding achievements. For 20 consecutive years, he has achieved the goal of "getting books before class and one book for each person", and has made due contributions to the development of Sichuan publishing industry and the progress of the construction of two civilizations

Sichuan is a major publishing province. To meet the needs of the publishing industry, there are 670 publication printing enterprises in the province. Among them, there are 210 publication printing license enterprises and 460 special publication license enterprises. There are more than 30000 employees. Among the publication licensing enterprises, there are 11 national designated enterprises for book printing and 11 provincial designated enterprises for book printing. Sichuan publication printing enterprises have an annual typesetting capacity of 10billion words and a printing capacity of more than 5million paper orders. In 1999, the province's publication and printing enterprises used 300000 tons of paper, with an output value of 2billion yuan and a profit of more than 100million yuan

packaging and decoration printing is a rising star in the printing industry. Since the reform and opening up, due to the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, the social demand for the quantity of packaging and decoration printing materials has been growing, and the quality requirements have been continuously improved. This brings a good opportunity for the development of packaging, decoration and printing industry in Sichuan. Focusing on the packaging and decoration printing of alcohol and tobacco, Sichuan has developed rapidly in recent years and established a batch of packaging and decoration printing industries represented by Chengdu Jiuxing printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Chengdu Wuniu Printing Co., Ltd. and Yibin Wuliangye exquisite printing Co., Ltd. 3. Selection indicators of electronic tensile testing machines. Some packaging and decoration printing enterprises have not only developed offset printing, but also gravure printing, flexo printing and silk printing. In 1999, there were 438 packaging and decoration printing enterprises in the province, as well as 3693 printing enterprises for other printed materials. According to statistics, packaging and decoration and other printing enterprises used 110000 tons of paper in 1999, with a total industrial output value of more than 1.7 billion yuan and a total profit of more than 120 million yuan

looking forward to the future, Sichuan printing industry will seize the opportunity of the western development, adhere to the guidance of Deng Xiaoping theory, establish a modern enterprise system as the goal, deepen reform and improve efficiency as the center, take the road of connotation development as the main way, and strengthen technological transformation and comprehensively promote the progress of printing technology in accordance with the spirit of the "Tenth Five Year" printing industry development plan formulated by the government, Efforts should be made to make the structural layout of the printing industry in our province reasonable and the quality of printing products to a new level. In the 21st century, Sichuan will rank among the economically strong provinces in the country. In line with it, Sichuan's printing industry will closely follow the international advanced level, especially the application of high-tech in the printing field, strive to transfer and transmit graphic information with high speed, high quality, low cost and low pollution, and finally move towards the digital networking of the whole printing process, so that Sichuan's printing industry will achieve another new leap

source: Sichuan Publishing Bureau

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