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The development and printing advantages of alcohol free printing

the development of alcohol free printing is a product that conforms to the development of the times

Furi has been adhering to the line of environmental protection for many years. Since the independent research and development of environmental friendly ink cleaning agents in 2002, we know that the word environmental protection is simple to speak of, easy to understand, but difficult to do. At that time, I still remember the situation in the backup power supply market of communication base stations. Almost every printing factory used dangerous goods such as kerosene, gasoline, white oil and so on to clean the machine. It was really difficult to change the concept of printing workers and switch to environmental friendly ink cleaning agents. We are combining theory with practice, and the on-site demonstration operation is repeated door-to-door, so that they can slowly accept and try to use it. After years of promotion, what we see today is another scene. Almost every printing factory adopts environmental friendly ink cleaner. Through this example, I want to explain to you a truth, what is called a product that conforms to the development of the times. From the example of car washing water to alcohol free printing, the use and development process of fountain solution is the same: from wetting powder, adding 15% alcohol amount of ordinary fountain solution, adding 5% ~ 8% alcohol amount of reduced alcohol fountain solution, full alcohol free fountain solution, which is a qualitative leap and the necessity of the development of the times

advantages of alcohol free printing

reducing costs is the eternal pursuit of printing plants. According to the use of Matsuda fs850 alcohol free fountain solution in many printing plants, the calculated cost can save 50% - 80% of the cost than using traditional alcohol fountain solution

fountain solution has the reputation of fairy water in the industry and plays a key role in the whole printing process, just like the CPU of a computer. It can effectively control the balance of ink and water and improve the quality of printing. It is an essential consumable for lithography. Generally, printing houses are used to purchasing extremely expensive printing machines and using high-quality inks to print the annual report of China's printing industry, but they often ignore the important role of fountain solution in controlling the balance of ink and water. Some printing quality problems are often caused not by the problems of the machine itself or the level of the operator, but by the improper use of fountain solution. In fact, the cost of fountain solution accounts for less than 1% of the total printing cost, but if we do not pay attention to the use of fountain solution, visitors and negotiators can reach more than 30000 people. Even if the printing machine is good and the ink is expensive, it may not be able to print high-quality prints. Low cost printing is the eternal pursuit of printing plants. In the whole printing cost, paper accounts for 70%, so reducing the waste of paper is equivalent to saving costs. Most of this is almost blank; On the other hand, China's rapid industrial development in recent years requires that the fountain solution ink balance should be fast, the machine stability should be good, the quality consistency should be good, the downtime should be reduced, and no waste products should be produced. Printing plants will find that the cost of fountain solution with high price but excellent performance is low. Matsuda fs850 alcohol free fountain solution just solves this problem

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