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Development and transformation of marketing call center

Marketing Call Center, as its name suggests, is a tool to assist enterprises in completing marketing tasks. It has the same function as customer service call center. Hydraulic universal testing machine is an important type of testing machine. The tasks it can accomplish can take many forms, such as investigation, marketing and customer service. Enterprises can use it to complete the preliminary market prospect investigation and potential customer group analysis; In the marketing stage, marketing can be adopted to promote and sell products or services to individuals or enterprises; In the after-sales stage, you can also conduct service satisfaction surveys, maintain customer relations, feed back customer information, analyze customer behavior, and so on. As a fast and efficient marketing method, call center marketing has been applied in many enterprises. It can effectively help enterprises expand and maintain customers, increase benefits, and has the advantages of time-saving, labor-saving, low cost and so on

since 2015, supply side reform has gradually been hotly discussed. On the one hand, a large number of products produced by us have a high backlog of inventory, and on the other hand, a large number of Chinese people go abroad to purchase. At the same time, with the increasing popularity of Internet, big data technology has also become the hottest technical means this year. With the rise of e-commerce, we have truly entered the era of consumer sovereignty. In this context, enterprises really start to consider the needs and experience of users, which is undoubtedly an opportunity and benefit for the call center directly facing customers. But at the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the ability of the call center. Are we ready

transform from a call center to a value center and create a service marketing integration

needless to say, the service function of the call center runs through the requirements of the service from the beginning of the user dialing. Unimpeded, enthusiastic voice, problem recording completed, satisfactory reply, solve customer problems at one time. It has been highly praised by users. This series is the embodiment of service level and service ability. However, with the prosperity of Internet and users' habits, due to the torque M of impact pendulum and the lift angle of pendulum before impact α Both are constant changes, and the number of dial-in decreases year by year. The call center service has also changed from a relatively single voice mode to a rich multimedia service mode, which has shown the characteristics of omni-directional and three-dimensional. The traditional call center has been transformed into a multi-channel marketing center to meet the demands of customers and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

cloud based call center

cloud based call center is of great benefit to enterprises. The hardware cost of the call center includes site, server, telephone, communication switching equipment, etc. Although the self built call center has the advantages of security, customization and convenient expansion, for enterprises in the early stage of development, choosing cloud call center can reduce the cost budget, which is conducive to enterprises to concentrate on business and improve work efficiency. In addition, the deployment speed of managed call center system is also very fast, which has enough attraction in today's efficiency first

cloud call center is based on Cloud Architecture, and its system capacity is very convenient to adjust. The call center of an enterprise can flexibly adjust the number of automatic voice lines and manual seats according to regional characteristics, market changes, and business seasons. With open API interface, the call center system can be seamlessly integrated with the enterprise's own business system, with short real-time cycle and small development workload

take data management as the cornerstone and conduct fine analysis

marketing call centers have high requirements for data. How to obtain target customers from the data accumulated day after day and formulate strategic direction, excellent data analysis and mining ability is essential. The smartcall call call center system, which integrates powerful CRM functions, has excellent multi-dimensional report analysis function. According to the data entered by the agent, the report can be automatically generated, and the data organized in multidimensional form can analyze the data through various analysis actions, so that the enterprise can observe the data in the database from multiple angles and sides, so as to deeply understand the information contained in the data

similarly, the working state of the staff members is also an aspect that determines the considerable concern of the enterprise managers. Therefore, smartcall can also effectively record and generate detailed data reports for the attendance rate, call utilization, busy hours and average processing hours of the staff members. Through the four-dimensional attention to these four indicators, we can mine and analyze the deep problems reflected in the data, The research on the relationship of data has nothing to do with the height of samples, which greatly improves the efficiency of on-site management, improves the service level, and achieves twice the result with half the effort

expand traditional channels and provide customer service

cloud customer service has great advantages over traditional customer service. Users can contact customer service through a variety of channels. It expands the working mode for traditional customer service. Because customers can leave messages and submit work orders offline, cloud customer service also has the advantage of not losing messages and not falling offline. The smartcall cloud customer service system of miling communication also has functions such as knowledge base and customer information aggregation, which doubled the efficiency of customer service

people's quietly changing living habits have indeed affected the future development of call centers. Call the enterprise and go directly to the after-sales service point. There are limited ways for customers to contact the enterprise in case of absence. App, enterprise official account, enterprise officials and other channels, customers can choose to communicate with enterprises conveniently

for enterprises, customer satisfaction has always been concerned. As the most important channel between enterprises and customers, the financial cost of the call center industry is three times the profit. It is also a multi-channel bridge and window. How to keep pace with the times is the most important problem to be solved today

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