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The development and reform trend of carton enterprises (IV)

the benefits of reform

in the production process of carton products, the cost structure of raw materials determines the profit space, while the profit space of cardboard extension products is determined by innovation, and the proportion of raw materials is very small. If the purchase price of making cartons is 3 yuan, the purchase price of making display shelves may be 8 yuan or even 10 yuan. If the cost of cartons accounts for 2.4 yuan, the purchase price of display shelves with a cost of 2.4 yuan is 10 yuan. Such a huge profit margin is undoubtedly like a stimulant for the carton industry, which is now in the era of small profits

informatization construction is the "sword of kings" to improve the profit space of carton enterprises.

in the 1990s, when informatization swept the developed countries in Europe and the United States, no one would expect that China's carton industry would also usher in the surge of informatization construction. Even if the time is reversed for another five years, all walks of life are rushing towards modernization. Few "terracotta warriors" in the carton industry dare to imagine that the concept of informatization will penetrate into all corners of the carton industry in just a few years, and set off a wave of informatization in carton Enterprises - this is indeed what has happened in the carton industry in recent years

it is difficult to say whether informatization has been introduced into the carton industry in pursuit of rapid, efficient and accurate management of production processes and saving human resources, or whether informatization has actively extended the "melting angle" to the carton industry. In short, the changes brought by informatization to many carton enterprises in recent years are clear at a glance. Under the condition that the profit space of the carton industry is getting smaller and smaller, the carton enterprises that boldly use the information system for internal transformation let people see vitality

the start of informatization comes from the establishment of internal local area. With the help of tools with the functions of information acquisition, information transmission, information processing, information regeneration and information utilization, the information of the whole plant can be operated on the same network platform. It is different from simple data, word processing by computer, and some independent statistics by computer in various departments. It has achieved a qualitative leap

ultimate goal: win customers through rapid response

the informatization content of carton industry is not fundamentally different from that of other manufacturing industries, but it has its own characteristics. Carton industry is an industry combining manufacturing and service. As far as the current situation is concerned, its products are not directly used in mass consumption, so it is difficult to dominate the market, but must be subject to the industry or enterprise it serves, and match its needs. Therefore, production is determined by sales and rapid response requires that a series of actions from order entry to production planning and scheduling to machine tool controller information conversion must be completed in a very short time. The timely delivery and order processing of the carton industry have become another major feature of the management system. Modern production requires carton enterprises to effectively arrange and record production, inventory and delivery. Sales can see the progress of each order, so as to take early action on any possible deviations

in addition to the need for information construction in the supply chain, carton enterprises are also facing the complexity of management, and it is difficult to get rid of the situation of "three more, one low, and one slow" (many people, many errors, many repetitions, low efficiency, and slow information) in manual management. Information management can help carton enterprises solve the above problems to a great extent

in terms of details, the informatization of carton industry can help carton enterprises establish the advantages of production management from the construction of three levels. For example, the integration of enterprise internal informatization processing and decision-making process can realize the integration of information decision-making of various departments such as product design, order input and production scheduling of carton Enterprises, and greatly improve the efficiency of cooperation between various departments and reduce errors; The integration of business process and production process enables the carton enterprise management department to integrate with the production line control system, realizing one-step completion from order input to production plan, and then to machine tool control, which greatly shortens the whole production cycle. At the same time, it forms the integration of sales, production, inventory, delivery and accounting systems in logistics, so as to make the order input to the production schedule, The automatic information transmission and conversion process to tile line production is completed in a few minutes, greatly shortening the entire delivery cycle; The integration between the enterprise and the outside allows customers to enter orders through Internet to query the progress of their orders, such as production, inventory, delivery, payment records, etc., so that good and rapid communication has been established between the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Of course, at present, the construction of the third layer of carton enterprise informatization still needs the further development of carton industry informatization construction

in addition, due to the difference of the original informatization foundation of each enterprise, the informatization project cannot be achieved overnight. It is necessary to focus on the theme, divide the steps and implement them, and formulate a set of practical development plans according to the specific situation of the enterprise. The degree of integration is from low to high, first the internal information integration, then the management and machine control integration, and finally the internal and external integration. Therefore, we must have a clear understanding of the pace of informatization before taking corresponding steps; In the process of implementation, we should constantly coordinate the differences between the computer process system and the actual process of enterprise management, and be ready to adopt more modern, standardized and strict management systems and processes at any time, so as to lay the most solid foundation for enterprise informatization

the construction of informatization can not be completed overnight. Only by selecting the informatization system in time can we maximize the profit output

take the corrugated machine production management system configured by carton enterprises as an example to illustrate what preparations should be made and what problems should be paid attention to before carton enterprises choose the production management system

configuration of corrugated line equipment

as a computer control system to assist the automatic production of corrugated machine, its powerful automatic control function still needs to be realized by corrugated machine. Talking about the production management system of corrugated machine without corrugated machine is like a castle in the air and talking on paper

what parts can be controlled

carton enterprises should have a comprehensive understanding of their tile line equipment and choose the production management system that is suitable for them. After buying the corrugated machine production management system, the excessive or insufficient functions are not conducive to giving full play to the advantages of the equipment. Therefore, we should purchase the corrugating machine production management system with the corresponding functions of our own equipment in order to make full use of our own equipment

the purchasing power and production capacity of carton enterprises

for carton enterprises with an annual output value of less than 20million yuan, investing in the purchase of corrugated machine production management system will suddenly increase costs, and it is difficult to recover the costs in the short term. Therefore, carton enterprises with low production capacity and financial difficulties need to take a long-term view on the production management system of corrugated machines. In addition, the advantages of corrugated machine production management are particularly prominent when there are many orders and large output. When the output cannot reach a high scale, the corrugated machine production management system has the regret that "heroes have no place to play"

prepare appropriate operators

there is no doubt that the production management system of the corrugated machine can realize the automatic control of the corrugated machine. However, this feature does not exclude the need for manual operation. Therefore, before "going" to the corrugated machine production management system, it is necessary to consider whether our employees have a certain level of education to adapt to the future computer operation, and whether they are enthusiastic about new things

look a little longer

the data obtained in this way is often more accurate. For carton enterprises that want to buy new equipment for tile line, they should pay attention to confirm whether the equipment has windows and agreements for external connection, whether these windows are optional products, and if they are as standard equipment, experts remind them to remember the relevant information needed to connect with the manufacturer

understanding of manufacturers and other users

this not only includes an in-depth and detailed understanding of suppliers and their products about the development direction of experimental machine technology, but also pays attention to the actual situation of other carton enterprises using the system. Before going to the corrugated machine production management system, carton enterprises had better fully understand the functions, prices, maintainability, performance, etc. of various corrugated machine production management systems in the market through various channels, and at least listen to the words of the salesperson of the corrugated machine production management system. In addition, the technical strength, management level, quality awareness, after-sales service, user response, etc. of suppliers and suppliers also need to be carried out. Activated carbon for graphene modified supercapacitors should be understood in order to make reference when choosing to buy. As for the preparation of carton enterprises before ERP, the situation is also generally similar,

also, we need to pay special attention to choosing the system suitable for ourselves and determining the key business needs of the enterprise: what problems the enterprise wants to solve and what benefits will ERP implementation have? Does the enterprise intend to reduce inventory, shorten delivery time, reduce transportation costs, increase market share, or simplify production processes? At the same time, some current strategic steps of the enterprise should also be considered, such as customer service plan, company expansion or downsizing, etc. The answers to these questions not only enable the ERP team of the enterprise to have a definite purpose in the selection or implementation, but also enable ERP suppliers to better understand the business needs of the enterprise

for example, Anhui Shanying Paper Co., Ltd. has done a lot of work in selecting its own ERP system. As we all know, Anhui Shanying Paper Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of packaging paper, cardboard and cartons, with 7 subsidiaries in Ma'anshan, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Hangzhou and other places. Considering the long-term development, the enterprise wants to unify the ERP system adopted by all subsidiaries, so as to realize real-time control of the real operation status of the subordinate branches. The principals and technicians of Shanying Corporation and its branches made an in-depth investigation of the ERP systems being operated by its subsidiaries. At the same time, they investigated a number of ERP suppliers, comprehensively demonstrated and evaluated several selected software enterprises, and finally determined a professional carton ERP software manufacturer with technical support and services suitable for their own enterprise needs. Facts have proved that the best system is the one that suits you

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