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Development and market prospect of metallocene polyethylene new resin

polyethylene (PE) is a general synthesis. As a global leading enterprise in life science and material science, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands recently announced that its high-performance polyamide materials stanyl and s-poly-butylene-2-benzoate tanyl fortii have been recognized by major manufacturers in the world, and one of the important varieties of resins, mainly including low-density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low LLDPE High density polyethylene (HDP does not complain about e). Because of its low price, it is widely used in agriculture, packaging and daily life, and plays a decisive role in the plastic industry. The development of metallocene catalyst technology has greatly promoted the progress of PE technology. Therefore, metallocene polyethylene (MPE) has also developed rapidly. MPE is a polyethylene based on metallocene catalyst. It is the first metallocene polyolefin to realize industrialization. It is also a metallocene polymer with the most companies engaged in research and development, the fastest practical process and the largest output. In the research and development process of MPE, many companies have adopted patented technology to jointly develop MPE in combination with the characteristics of their own devices, such as Exxon and Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly developed a successful high-pressure process, and successfully developed a gas-phase process with Mitsui Chemical Co., Ltd; Sumitomo Japan Samsung Korea Dow and BP jointly developed the gas phase MPE technology, which combines BP's innovene gas phase process with Dow's insite catalyst technology, and greatly shortens the process of technology development

according to statistics, the global MPE consumption reached 2.03 million tons in 2001, including 1.3 million tons in the United States, 450000 tons in Western Europe and 280000 tons in Japan. According to Chem systerm, the consumption of metallocene polyethylene will reach 3million tons by 2005, accounting for 12% of the total output of PE. By 2010, the world's PE production capacity will reach 83million tons, of which 37% of LDPE and LLDPE and 25% of HDPE will use metallocene catalysts. At that time, metallocene polyethylene will reach 7million tons, and the market prospect is very broad. In the future, metallocene polyethylene resin will grow at an average annual demand growth rate of 25%, and it will become an important variety of polyethylene resin

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