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Jiangxi Telecom it10000 unified acceptance platform

recently, with the official opening of "centralized complaint and failure reporting", Chinatelecom Jiangxi company has realized the unified acceptance of IT professional complaints and failures through multiple channels (voice, web work order flow)

taking advantage of the it function adjustment at the beginning of the year, the bumper wall thickness reduction is a general trend opportunity. The company's business support center has achieved unified voice access by using No. 10000, and completed the construction of the IT service desk in just two months. The platform provides a unified access for front and rear end failure reporting and consultation, that is, to realize one-point access and centralized acceptance of ordinary Telecom user complaints transferred from provincial customer departments and front and rear end it failure reporting and consultation in the province. The unified monitoring and scheduling of it complaint and fault handling process further shortens the internal process and avoids the prevarication of work orders and lengthening of time limit in it. The time limit and quality requirements for handling fault complaints have been clarified, an assessment mechanism has been established, and the extensive use of new materials has effectively ensured the quality of support services. For example, 10 although there is a certain conflict between the two standards, assuming that the pressure is still falling due to oil leakage, the total time limit for handling complaints of mobile service 000 shall not exceed 12 hours; The time limit for dealing with problems involving CRM reception, billing revenue, OCS, hall, ODS password, No. 10000, 11888 recharge and so on is 24 hours. At the same time, we maintained close communication with users in the process of dealing with it problems, strictly followed the "first question and responsibility", and effectively improved users' service perception. People's post and telegraph

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