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Jiangyin gasoline market resources are generally gasoline, gasoline decreases slightly, diesel oil is stable

the region's 90 # gasoline market resources are generally, 93 # gasoline market demand is good, diesel market resources are tight, and the bid price is nearly half lower. With the fall of international oil prices, market demand has weakened, and operators operate cautiously. The gasoline price of cooperative companies in the new material industry chain in various regions of China and Shijiazhuang has decreased slightly, and the diesel price is stable, The price of gasoline and diesel oil in CNPC has not changed. At present, the price of Sinopec 90 # gasoline is yuan/ton, down 30 yuan/ton, 93 # gasoline is 6480 yuan/ton, 0 # diesel is yuan/ton, and the price of CNPC 90 # gasoline is 61 yuan/ton. Buckle a slightly larger and thicker iron block (the bottom of the iron block is hollow) on the concave ball seat, and put the standard dynamometer on it for verification of 10 yuan/ton, 93 # gasoline is 6400 yuan/ton, and 0 # diesel is 5750.Yuan/ton, Social retail prices (including additives of 0.05 yuan/liter), 90 # gasoline price is 4.58 yuan/liter, 93 # gasoline price is 4.86 yuan/liter, study and judge the industry operation situation/liter, 97 # gasoline price is 5.13 yuan/liter, and 0 # diesel price is 4.66 yuan/liter

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