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The application status and problems of powder fillers in plastics

the application status and problems of modern chemical powder fillers in plastics Liu Yingjun (modified plastics professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Beijing 1000yilianhe communication; 37) 10000 tons, up to 5million tons in 2015 * introduced the application status and types of powder fillers in plastics, The requirements for powder fillers and some problems and opinions faced in the development of powder fillers for plastics are put forward. U 4:c in the process of plastic products (or materials) molding, a considerable number of products need to use powder fillers. Reasonable and appropriate use of relatively cheap powder fillers can achieve increment, reduce the cost of raw materials, improve some aspects of physical and chemical properties or give them new functions, so that powder fillers can be changed from simple increment agents to modifiers and functional agents. 1 application status of powder materials in plastics whether and how much powder fillers are used in plastic products (or materials) depends on the variety and purpose of the products (or materials), so it is difficult to calculate how much powder fillers are contained in plastic products (or materials) in China. Generally, the total amount of powder filler used in plastic products (or materials) is estimated by 10% of the total output of plastic products (or materials) in that year, that is to say, at the end of the last century, the total amount of powder filler used in China's plastic industry has exceeded 2million tons per year. With the rapid development of the plastic industry in the next ten years, the total amount of powder filler used in 2005 will reach about 2.5 million tons, and in 2015 will reach about 5million tons. Due to the abundant resources of powder fillers in China, the use of powder fillers can bring direct and rich economic benefits to users, so the actual consumption will be more than these predicted figures. There are many kinds of powder fillers that can be used in plastics. The following is an introduction to several powder fillers that have been widely used or have obtained the basis of promotion and application research. 1. Calcium carbonate calcium carbonate has become a widely used plastic filling material with large dosage because of its low price, non-toxic and tasteless, white color and easy coloring, low hardness, chemical stability, easy drying and other advantages. More than 70% of the total amount of plastic filler is calcium carbonate. The plastic industry in developed countries mainly uses heavy calcium. Due to historical reasons, heavy calcium was widely used in China's plastic industry since the early 1980s. So far, the mass ratio of heavy calcium to light calcium used in the plastic industry can only reach about 1:1. As the meeting also added an interview session, the development and application technology progress of calcium, especially ultra-fine heavy calcium, will rapidly increase the amount of heavy calcium in plastics, and far exceed light calcium in quantity. Plastic woven bags, woven cloth and packing belts are several kinds of plastic products that use heavy calcium carbonate. According to statistics, the annual output of plastic woven bags and woven cloth (including geotextile woven cloth) packing belts has exceeded 1.5 million tons, so the use of heavy calcium in these plastic products alone has reached more than 300000 tons. Calcium carbonate should be used in plastic floors, floor leather and other products. The floor includes splicing floor profiles, semi-rigid floor blocks, etc., and uses heavy calcium as filler. The former is mainly used in occasions with more stress and impact. The profile section is hollow and multi cavity, so the amount of filler used is less, 10-25 parts. The latter is directly set on the ground, which mainly requires good wear resistance and dimensional stability. Therefore, the quality ratio of heavy calcium and matrix PVC resin used is as high as 2.54 or even 3:1 In the floor leather with certain flexibility, according to different production methods, in the PVC material used as the main layer, whether foamed or not, light calcium carbonate is used, and its dosage is 30-40 parts. At present, PVC artificial leather is still an important product in China's plastic industry. According to different production processes, PVC artificial leather is divided into coating and scraping method, calendering method and extrusion method. The calcium carbonate filler used is also different, the former is 50-60 parts, and the latter is 10-20 parts. At present, calcium carbonate used in artificial leather is light. Calcium plastic corrugated box was once popular because of its strong compression resistance, moisture resistance, non mildew and other advantages. Now there are still a certain number of products in production and application. Calcium plastic corrugated box is filled with light calcium, By mass, polyethylene resin and light calcium "and polystyrene board (EPS), extruded polystyrene foam board (XPS) Compared with about half. PVC profiles have developed rapidly in recent years. There are more than 500 profile production lines for doors and windows, with a total production capacity of more than 200000 T. there are great differences in the variety and dosage of calcium carbonate used in different types of pipes and profiles. The production technology of profiled materials for doors and windows includes equipment, molds and product raw and auxiliary material formulas * at first, they all come from abroad, and their formulas include 5-10 parts of light calcium carbonate. This usage has been continued and followed by most profile production enterprises. The dosage of heavy calcium in PVC shutter sheet is up to 100 parts, and the dosage of heavy calcium in PVC wall panel is up to more than 200 parts. It is a key product using heavy calcium, and its annual output and market sales are still increasing. In all kinds of PVC pipes and PVC wire and cable sheathing materials, some use heavy calcium and some use light calcium, and the amount is usually less than 10 parts. Adding a certain amount of heavy calcium into the polyethylene film used as garbage bags is conducive to recycling and incineration, which can protect the incinerator and make it burn fully. The mass fraction of heavy calcium in polyethylene garbage bags used in the Japanese market is 30, which further guarantees the service life of polycarbonate materials% At present, China has successfully developed a filling masterbatch for polyethylene film. The filler is 1250 mesh fine heavy calcium powder. The mass fraction of this filler in the filling masterbatch is 75% - 80% By 2003, the world nanotechnology turnover will reach

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