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"Jiangxi paint king" 40million Hotel

"Jiangxi paint king" 40million Hotel

June 23, 2006

in Honggutan, Nanchang, a "Nanchang Xinfeng Holiday Hotel" built according to the four-star standard is quietly being built, and its chairman is Zhang Guoqing, the chairman of "Jiangxi xinshengfengyuan Industrial Development Corporation". The boss of the holiday inn, which was built at a cost of 40million, started by selling paint and coatings, and was once called "the paint king of Jiangxi"

In 1987, Zhang Guoqing graduated from high school and began to enter the society. After graduation, Zhang Guoqing ran paint retail business with his parents and spent a long time in paint business. During the time of running paint business with his parents, Zhang Guoqing worked hard and carefully observed the market prospect of paint. In 1995, Zhang Guoqing decided to go out and look for new products, so he went south to Guangzhou alone. In Guangzhou, Zhang Guoqing brought new products back to Jiangxi market with his years of experience in the paint market, tenacious perseverance and keen market vision. Because the new products are in the right direction and are welcomed by the majority of users, the first batch of purchase has nearly 10 times the return. In half a year, Zhang Guoqing got the first bucket of gold in his life and career in the paint and building materials industry

failure is also a wealth of life

in 1998, Zhang Guoqing decided to return to Nanchang from Guangdong, bought a store at No. 61 Xiangshan South Road, West Lake District, and set up the chemical business department of Xinsheng paint industry alone, relying on his unique vision of chemical industry, building materials and decoration projects, his rich experience in building materials accumulated in Guangdong and his analysis of the development prospects of Nanchang paint market. In 1996, it obtained the management right of ICI Dulux paint, a world-famous brand, and also operated the wholesale and retail business of interior and exterior wall paint. Dulux operated by Zhang Guoqing was a new product in Jiangxi paint market at that time. Due to its good quality, it soon opened a market in Nanchang and even the whole Jiangxi paint market, and gradually occupied a large part of the paint market. Zhang Guoqing was also called "the paint king of Jiangxi" with a smile

Cheng "our use of composite pressure vessels (hereinafter referred to as" COPV ") as part of the cold gas propulsion system does not mean that there is no failure. Zhang Guoqing recalled that his demand for medical high-molecular materials, bioceramics, medical metals and other materials would increase significantly in those years." failure is also a wealth of life, from which you can learn and feel a lot. " In 1998, Zhang Guoqing cooperated with a listed company in Guangdong to switch from trading to production, but due to the technical problems of the other party, the cooperation finally failed, and almost all the funds invested lost money. This failure did not break Zhang Guoqing's fighting spirit. On the contrary, he became more and more brave in the coating and building materials industry

With the economic development of Nanchang, urban construction tends to the direction of modernization, and exterior wall coatings are accepted by more and more people. At this time, Zhang Guoqing clearly realized that it was difficult to meet the development needs of the construction and decoration market only by selling building materials. So even the car interior was the same. He decided to establish Jiangxi Xinsheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1999 on the basis of Xinsheng paint chemical business department, and thus undertook the garden design, indoor and outdoor decoration, waterproof and greening projects inside and outside the province

after entering 2000, Zhang Guoqing saw that many of his engineering projects had slow capital withdrawal, which affected the normal operation of the company, so he began to turn his eyes to catering and leisure services, and opened Tianming Tea Art Pavilion and Tianming business hotel in 2001 and 2003. Zhang Guoqing said with a smile, "I'm in the water business. Paint, garden engineering, waterproof greening, hotels and teahouses can't do without water."

realize the collectivization of the company in three to five years

with the continuous development and growth of the company, Zhang Guoqing realized that in order to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, it must develop and grow in the direction of company specialization and collectivization. Therefore, in 2005, Zhang Guoqing officially established "Jiangxi xinshengfengyuan Industrial Development Corporation", and at the beginning of the same year, he actively responded to the call of the municipal government to vigorously develop the construction pace of "Honggutan New Area", and invested 40million yuan in the construction of "Nanchang Xinfeng Holiday Hotel" in Honggutan. Today, the company has five subordinate companies, including decoration, materials, Tea Art Pavilion, hotel and Holiday Inn, which have grown from the initial four employees to 500 employees today, and resettled more than 200 laid-off workers

when talking about the future development of the company, Zhang Guoqing gave the next goal: to realize the collectivization of the company in three to five years. Referring to the current "Nanchang Xinfeng Holiday Inn" in Honggutan, Zhang Guoqing said: This is his "second venture", and there are "many difficulties ahead for him, but he believes that with good service, good environment and honesty, the prospect of the hotel will be very good

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