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Jiangxi Tianguang chemical phase I 50000 ton rutile titanium dioxide project started

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phase I 50000 ton rutile titanium dioxide project started

June 30, 2008

[China paint information] recently, the first phase of 50000 ton/year high-grade rutile titanium dioxide and its supporting 200000 ton/year sulfuric acid technical transformation project of Jiangxi Tianguang Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong Sansheng group, broke ground. The commencement of the project marks the official entry into the construction period of the company's high-grade rutile titanium dioxide project

the rutile titanium dioxide project in this phase is listed as the first and uses the relaxation gas of Fischer Tropsch synthesis to produce 180000 tons of synthetic ammonia and 300000 tons of urea per year. It is approved as a major project of the "10 billion project" of Jiangxi industrial economy. The total investment of the project is 450million yuan, covering an area of 380 mu. The vacuum degree is calculated automatically by the computer. The construction period is 1.5 years. It is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2009. After being put into operation, 50000 tons of rutile titanium dioxide can be added annually, New sales revenue of 800million yuan and tax revenue of 75million yuan will be added to solve the labor and employment problems of 600 people. The project takes the most advanced quality level of the global sulfuric acid titanium dioxide technology as the benchmark, adopts the domestic leading and international first-class sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide production process, some key equipment and core technologies are introduced from abroad, and the environmental protection treatment is designed and implemented synchronously according to the domestic first-class technology. All the products produced are high-grade rutile varieties in short supply in China. The implementation of this project will undoubtedly play an exemplary and promoting role in shortening the gap between domestic titanium dioxide and the international advanced level, easing the tight supply of domestic high-end rutile titanium dioxide, improving the international status of the domestic titanium dioxide industry, and driving the development of related industries

the total planned scale of rutile titanium dioxide of the company is 200000 tons, which is constructed in three phases, including 50000 tons in the first phase. After the first phase is put into operation, 50000 tons in the second phase and 100000 tons in the third phase have been reserved. After the completion of the project, the total production capacity of titanium dioxide will reach 227.2 tons. The hydraulic transmission part should not have vibration, obvious impact and block within the speed limit of the task

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