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Jiangxi machine tool guide rail organ protective cover supply integrity and efficiency

next, I have prepared for you the relevant introduction of Jiangxi machine tool guide rail organ protective cover supply integrity and efficiency! Construction preparation (I) technical preparation 1. Equipment drawing, device basic drawing, process flow diagram, product use instruction; 2. Drawings related to civil engineering; 3. National construction specifications and standards; 4. Construction layout plan. (2) Main appliances and materials 1. Machines and tools: electric welding machine, grinding machine, guide chain, Jack, fitter mobile console, axle section centering fixture, steel wire rope, flashlight, various fitter tools and special tools instead smell a fragrance similar to corn. 2. Materials: steel plate, rubber plate, wood, wood, copper skin, lead wire, kerosene, gasoline, emery cloth, gold paper, plastic cloth, white cloth, cotton yarn, nylon rope, degreasing liquid, etc

experience in rubber strip section design and system comprehensive design guarantees excellent waterproof, dust-proof, sound insulation, temperature insulation and shock absorption effects. The sealing strip device of the protective cover of the machine tool is convenient, firm and practical. Advantages the sealing strip of polyurethane machine tool protective cover is different from the sealing strip of rubber machine tool protective cover. It is a separate body. Keep the metal groove (cover plate) on the protective cover, and then insert the sealing strip of polyurethane machine tool protective cover. When the equipment is maintained or updated, the new sealing strip of the protective cover of the machine tool can be directly replaced

7. The reduction motor is often burnt out and its service life is too short. Generally speaking, the normal service life of deceleration is years, which is relatively solid. However, there are also a few conditions that are often damaged. The main countermeasures are to install an electronic overload protector. The damage of the motor is mainly due to the excessive current. The long-term overload operation of the motor causes the motor to overheat. It is also important to note that the power of the motor must match the chip removal machine of the machine tool. If the power is too small, it is also one of the reasons for easy damage. 8. The common causes of spindle heating are bearing damage and poor bearing lubrication efficiency, resulting in too tight preload of the bearing. The treatment method of the spindle heating of the machine tool chip removal machine starts with finding the heating object, then determining which end of the bearing is heating, and then changing the spindle of the equipment to determine whether the tightness of the spindle during transformation is symmetrical and whether there is a sinking point, etc. If the bearing of the chip removal machine of the machine tool causes the spindle to heat up, it is necessary to replace or clean the spindle bearing, and an appropriate amount of lubricating oil can be added to the bearing. When cleaning bearings, kerosene or fuel is usually used for cleaning first, and then high temperature resistant lubricating oil is applied evenly, and then reinstalled

Jiangxi machine tool guide rail organ protective cover supply is honest and efficient, ensuring the content of component processing within the travel boundary of the spindle. 7. The table solves the utility between the two sides of the center of gravity. For the movement, rotation and fixture design of the workbench, be sure to guard against the spatial interference between the fixture and the machine tool. 8. Try to finish everything in the clamping process. When replacing the clamping point, pay full attention not to 1.4 discharge purification device: damage due to the positioning accuracy of the replacement clamping point, it is assumed that there are necessary documents in this process. 9. The flatness between the fixture base and the workbench and the bottom of the fixture must be guaranteed at 0 02 mm, the surface roughness is not greater than ra3.2

the steel plate protective cover is maintained by the creation factory, and three lower molds are developed for each upper mold. The steel plate protective cover design, high-quality steel plate protective cover, stainless steel plate guide rail protective cover can play a useful protective effect against the entry of chips and other sharp things, and the penetration of coolant can also be effectively reduced through necessary structural measures and appropriate scraping plates. It is made of high-quality mm thick steel plate by cold pressing, and it can also be made of stainless steel according to requirements. Special surface polishing will increase its value. We can supply all kinds of machine tools with corresponding stainless steel plate guide rail protective covers. During production, the number of sections is very important to its proportion, weight and operation characteristics. Each single section should be as long as possible, such as shortening the number of sections and reducing the cost price. In general, the minimum compression ratio of tension should be between 3:1 and 5:1 (up to 10:1). The stainless steel plate guide rail protective cover is suitable for most application industries, and the width can be up to 900mm. When the width is large, it must be folded to improve the horizontal fixation. Maintenance of steel plate protective cover, maintenance of steel plate protective cover, design of steel plate protective cover, high-quality steel plate protective cover

is likely to suffer from the effect of chemical liquid or corrosive moisture, so protective cement should be set. (2) Fundamental acceptance 1) the formwork of all basic surfaces, the anchor bolt stability frame and the reinforcement exposed outside the foundation should be abolished, the sundries (broken bricks, fallen concrete blocks, etc.) and dirt and water should be completely removed and cleaned, and the residual wooden shell of the anchor bolt hole wall should be completely abolished. 2) There shall be no cracks, honeycombs, cavities, exposed tendons and other obstacles in the appearance inspection of the basic practice. 3) Review the correctness of all embedded parts (containing anchor bolts) according to the requirements of the design drawings. 4) According to the requirements of the design size, review whether the basic dimensions of each part can comply with the design requirements. If there is any error, it should not exceed the allowable error

the above is the integrity and efficiency of the Jiangxi machine tool guide rail organ protective cover collected for you. If you like, please click collection to reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal

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