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Jiangxi Liwen paper industry was selected into the list of 2020 provincial water-saving benchmark enterprises

release date: Source: Jiujiang audiovisual, etc.

on April 20, the Department of industry and information technology of Jiangxi Province, the Provincial Department of water resources, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial market supervision bureau jointly released the list of 2020 provincial water-saving benchmark enterprises, and three enterprises including Jingdezhen black cat Group Co., Ltd., Yuan new materials Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Liwen Paper Co., Ltd. were included in the list

building provincial water-saving benchmarking enterprises is an important measure for Jiangxi Province to control the total amount of industrial water, reduce industrial wastewater discharge, and improve industrial water efficiency. In recent years, Jiangxi Province has vigorously strengthened industrial water management, promoted the construction of water-saving benchmark enterprises, and encouraged enterprises to produce cleaner and greener products, effectively promoting the coordinated development of industry and water resources and environment in Jiangxi Province

Jiangxi ronger Liwen Paper Co., Ltd. is a municipal water-saving enterprise in Jiujiang City in 2019. The enterprise adopts advanced multi pan white water filters. The factories of the Ministry of paper making in China, Indonesia and India no longer use landfill to treat the waste water generated in the manufacturing process. The waste water is filtered and recycled through the white water filters and then recycled for recycling in the waste paper pulping system, Annual water saving requires excellent weather resistance and a certain scratch resistance of up to 1million tons. In recent years, the enterprise has successively carried out water-saving technological transformation, such as the sealing water control of the mixer of the paper loss valve, the backwash transformation of the coiling paper loss pump, and the sludge water reuse of the sludge pond. The water reuse rate is at the domestic advanced level with the change of the pulse number, frequency and other rotating speeds

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