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Application status and development trend of industrial computer in expressway industry

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in view of its (Intelligent Transportation System) in full swing at present, this paper introduces the development status and structural characteristics of industrial computer in detail, Combined with the application and development trend in Highway Electromechanical Engineering, it aims to enable more owners and integrators to further understand industrial control products, so as to select more applicable and better used products, so that the use, maintenance and management of the system can play a greater role and create a higher efficiency

industrial control computer, i.e. industrial control computer, is a general term for tools that use bus structure to detect and control the production process and its electromechanical equipment and process equipment. It has important computer attributes and characteristics, such as computer CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interfaces, real-time operating system, control network and protocol, computing power, and friendly man-machine interface

because the industrial computer can make full use of the progress of computer technology, it is easy to update. The software it runs is exactly the same as that of ordinary PC, which is convenient for software development and debugging. At present, it is developed and applied rapidly

structure of industrial computer

industrial computer: industrial computer based on PC bus. According to IDC statistics in 2000, at present, PC has accounted for more than 95% of general-purpose computers. Because of its low price, high quality, large output and rich software and hardware resources, it has been familiar and recognized by the majority of technicians, which is the foundation of industrial computer fever. Its main components are industrial chassis, passive backplane and various boards that can be inserted into it, such as CPU card, I/O card, etc. The hypothetical test bench of all steel structure shell, chassis batten, filter, positive pressure fan, etc. is designed in the raised position and EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) technology is adopted to solve the electromagnetic interference, vibration, dust, high/low temperature and other problems in industrial sites, including highway sites

characteristics of industrial computer

reliability: industrial computer has the ability to work normally in the environment of dust, smoke, high/low temperature, humidity, vibration and corrosion, and the characteristics of rapid fault diagnosis and high maintainability. Its MTTR (mean time to repair) is generally 5min, MTTF is more than 50000 hours, while the MTTF of ordinary PC is only 10000 ~ 15000 hours

real time: the industrial control computer can detect and control the industrial production process in real time, respond quickly to the changes of working conditions, and timely collect and output adjustment. (watchdog function, which is not available in ordinary PC) self reset in case of distress to ensure the normal operation of the system

expansibility: the industrial control computer has strong input and output functions due to its base plate + CPU card structure. It can expand up to 20 boards, and can be connected with various peripherals and boards (such as channel controller, video monitoring system, vehicle detector, etc.) on the industrial site to complete various tasks

compatibility: it can use ISA, PCI and PICMG resources at the same time, and support various operating systems, multi language assembly, and multi task operating systems

application of

toll collection system: the toll collection system of expressway has generally experienced three periods: manual toll collection, computer toll collection, etc (electronic uses a dial indicator to measure the toll collection non-stop toll based on two force pillars). In the second period of the charging system, the industrial control computer was used. The main model used was a general-purpose standard host with a width of 19 "and a height of 4U, For example, nematron "AE series" complete machine (w * h * d=483 * 177 * 510 mm, it can expand multiple PCI, ISA, pcisa cards and connect various peripherals, such as securities reader writer, toll keyboard, toll ticket printer, electric/manual handrail machine, vehicle detector, vehicle type display, billing display, monitoring system and counter, alarm equipment, signal light, modem, etc. in the etc period, it tends to be integrated and industrialized, and industrial computers, lane control and other equipment will be integrated. In After the relevant national departments have formulated the relevant industry specifications and interface standards, the national roads will be integrated into one, and the one card non-stop charging will finally truly realize "one card travels all over the world"

monitoring system: as one of the three major electromechanical projects of expressway, the monitoring system is an investment with large investment and no obvious direct economic benefits in the short term. At present, highway monitoring is mainly divided into toll monitoring and traffic monitoring. There are three modes: analog video CCTV, digital DVR and networked DVR. During the CCTV monitoring period, CCTV and video recorders are only used for monitoring and video recording, which is completely manual. With the development and application of digital and video technology, in the era of digital DVR, integrators use industrial computers with strong expansibility (such as multiple hard disks, multiple isa/pci resources, etc.) that can operate stably for a long time to reach 10million square meters, and video capture cards, video compression cards, etc. to form a DVR system. When vehicle inspectors and lane controllers detect the need to capture images, the system can automatically capture and process images. With the development of network technology and the application and requirements of its, industrial computer manufacturers have provided high-performance industrial 10/100m adaptive network interfaces by integrating high-performance LAN on CPU card (motherboard), such as nematron's AEM series and AES series SBC series, so that system integrators can share and make full use of all resource systems through connection, Thus, the collected traffic information data can be sent to each information terminal through the information release system after analysis and processing, so as to guide and control the traffic flow in real time and further improve the traffic capacity of the road

it is not difficult to see from the above application of industrial control computers in the two major electromechanical projects of expressway that the trend of their application is that with the narrowing of the industry gap and the unification of standards, some products will eventually be integrated


1 The highway authority is not clear, and the diversification of investment subjects makes the management more complex

2. Lack of unified industry standards and norms

3. Monitoring failed to pay the greatest attention to and use, resulting in only monitoring the status quo without control, and did not fully realize the linkage with charging

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