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The monthly output of Jiangxi Xinghuo organosilicon broke the historical record

on the basis of good production and operation results for three consecutive months, the good news came again in October. The organosilicon output of that month increased by 105% compared with the plan and 127% compared with the same period last year. The record of single organosilicon output since the establishment of the plant laid a good foundation for the Xinghuo plant to work hard in the fourth quarter and fully achieve the annual production and operation goals

in the fourth quarter, October is the key. In the face of the adverse impact of the financial crisis on the production of silicone, Xinghuo factory continued to carry out the theme education activities of "loving blue stars and contributing to Xinghuo" throughout the factory, enhanced the employees' awareness of "prospering the factory and being ashamed of the factory", and adjusted the stretching space level by level according to the specification and length of the sample, which greatly stimulated the work enthusiasm of the cadres and employees of the whole factory. On the other hand, the large shift system is implemented in the whole plant, which directly enriches the cadres at the level of workshop director to the team, solves various problems in production in time, strengthens the management of employees, and improves the stability of the sample slipping device in the process of experiment. On this basis, Xinghuo factory, in accordance with the requirements of the head office, further strengthened the transformation of organosilicon synthesis technology, so that most of the plastics that have not been industrialized on a large scale or have a relatively narrow range of production and use have been greatly increased

the organosilicon branch, which undertakes the production of three sets of devices, has made careful arrangements for production. By organizing technicians to carefully compare the trace element changes of various silicon blocks and small-scale test reports, analyze and summarize the previous start-up data, and finally determine the rational use of silicon blocks by the three sets of synthetic devices. During the start-up of synthesis, according to the design characteristics of 70000 ton new fluidized bed, the operating parameters were adjusted in time, and the catalytic system was adjusted to ensure a high level of start-up of synthesis. In order to improve the quality of employees, the branch also organized technicians to conduct on-the-job training for employees for 1 hour every day, which deepened the employees' understanding of the device and enabled them to better implement process parameters

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