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1、 Shanghai housing decoration loan application conditions

1. Hold a local permanent residence or valid residence status, and have a fixed residence

2. Be over 18 years old and have full civil capacity

3. Have a legitimate occupation and a stable source of economic income, and be able to pay the down payment for decoration according to the specified proportion

4. Be able to provide property approved by the bank as mortgage, pledge or third-party guarantee

5. The borrower opens a current savings account or holds a credit card issued by the commercial bank

II. Materials required for Shanghai housing decoration loan

1. The borrower shall fill in the application form for Shanghai personal housing decoration loan and submit a written application to the loan handling bank

2. If the spouse is not in the same household register, the marriage certificate should also be provided

3. Income and property certificates of the borrower and other family members and guarantors

4. There is a construction budget for home room decoration issued by the decoration company and approved by both parties

5. Provide guarantee materials

6. Other materials to be submitted

Shanghai housing decoration loan amount and period:

personal housing decoration loan amount: the starting point is 5000 yuan (including 5000 yuan), and the maximum shall not exceed 150000 yuan (including 150000 yuan). Among them, if secured by mortgage, the loan limit shall not exceed 70% of the value of the collateral, and if secured by pledge, the loan limit shall not exceed 80% of the value of the collateral

the loan term of personal housing decoration loan is at least half a year and at most five years (including five years)

Xiaobian feels that housing decoration loans are not suitable for all people. Xiaobian reminds consumers: not all decorators are suitable for home decoration installment business. If you have a mortgage or even a car loan, you must choose carefully. Even if you apply for this business, the repayment amount should not exceed 30% of your income. At the same time, we should always check whether the repayment is timely to avoid bad records in the bank





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