Love song Diva Xu Qiuyi joins hands with de Ville

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On April 29, Hong Kong love song Diva Xu Qiuyi and Deville made a strong parachute to Conghua. Yes, it's the Hong Kong love song queen who sang "modern love story" with the handsome brother Cheung Chi Lin and became popular across the country with a song "love of maple leaves". This time, Xu Qiuyi will sing in the Pearl River Delta with her refreshing song, accompanied by the grand opening of the dewell whole house customized flagship store of Conghua Mangrove Bay furniture center

a card is worth thousands of dollars, and the welfare explodes

want to see a star from zero distance, but it's hard to get a ticket? Deville 100 yuan pass card can not only let you see the true face of the goddess of love song, but also give you more gifts. The 100 yuan through card contains a cash red envelope + 388 yuan worth of tickets for the star meeting (2) + 388 yuan worth of air conditioning quilt + 598 exquisite gift bag ordered

first come, first served, quick hand, slow hand

customers who book before April 16 can enjoy cash activities at the store and the opportunity to participate in factory group purchase for free

factory direct supply, whole house package buy it now

new upgrade of whole house customization, buy it now customization, 12800 yuan set the whole house package at will, making customization easier

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strong promotion of wardrobe concessions, buy 1 Ping get 1 Ping free, limited to 10000 Ping, until sold out

there are many customized packages for love family, you can choose

20 heart set, Prague kitchen cabinet, colorful four seasons kitchen cabinet, healthy sleep package, covering every corner of the home, there is always one that suits your heart

the president signs for cash back, and the lottery is on-site

cash coupons will be given as soon as the order is made on site, and the president can sign for cash back, * Gao can enjoy an additional deposit of 1500 yuan. In addition, there are a wide range of awards on the scene. LCD TVs, three door refrigerators, brand balance cars, and Deville exquisite latex pillows are waving to you, waiting for you to bring them home

on April 29, there will be a lot of good gifts and good songs on site, and you will enjoy them all the time, so you can enjoy them and buy them cheaply




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