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The restructuring of Jincheng shares was postponed for half a year, and the asset injection, which was highly expected by investors of Jincheng shares, finally made new progress

the company announced today that as it is expected that all work related to the restructuring will not be completed before October 14, 2013, the actual controller zhuguoguo is expected to postpone the proposal date of the major asset restructuring plan to April 15, 2014

it is noted that Zhu Guoguo promised to inject no less than RMB 1.5 billion into the listed company before October 15 this year at such a "difficult time" when the old and the new are replaced by the new, and at least his holding of Hengxin is likely to be all the equities of the nearby mining companies. Since Hengxin mining has both gold and rare earth concepts, after the restructuring plan was put forward, Jincheng Co., Ltd. suffered from explosion and could be equipped with electronic universal experimental machine fixtures. In view of this, this restructuring may delay or affect the performance of the company's share price in the secondary market

zhuguoguo said to Jincheng that there are three main reasons for the delay of restructuring: first, the time required for relevant matters is not predicted enough; Second, the integration of Hengxin mining and Jinlong gold mine is still in progress; Third, the reserve exploration of Hengxin mining has not been completed

Jincheng Co., Ltd. said that Zhu Guoguo will actively promote restructuring related work to make it meet the conditions for major asset restructuring as soon as possible, and is expected to put forward a major asset restructuring plan before April 15, 2014

it is worth mentioning that the listing of Jincheng shares has been suspended since 2011 due to losses for three consecutive years. In order to resume listing, the company restructured in the second half of 2012. According to the restructuring plan, Jinzhou Xintian paper and other shareholders, who were the largest shareholder of Jincheng shares at that time, transferred about 66.7869 million shares of Jincheng shares to Zhu Guoguo, the controlling shareholder of Hengxin mining and the persons acting in concert

Zhu Guoguo promised to put forward a major asset restructuring plan within 12 months from the date when the plan was approved by the court, and inject its legally owned high-quality assets in the mineral industry or other high-quality assets into the listed company. The estimated value of the assets to be injected should not be less than 1.5 billion yuan, and at least include all the equity of Hengxin mining held by Zhu Guoguo

since then, the court approved the reorganization plan of Jincheng shares on October 15, 2012, so each face can only be formed once. According to the above commitments, Zhu Guoguo should have fulfilled the obligation of asset injection before October 15 this year

it was noted that due to the concept of gold and rare earth and the expectation of asset injection, Jincheng shares were subsequently popular. On april26,2012, when the listing was resumed, the company's share price soared by 67.37%, and suffered several temporary stops during the session. As of May 30, the company's share price once hit 13.44 yuan, with a cumulative increase of 107.95% in 17 trading days

although the company's share price has dropped since then, the market has been focusing on the gold reserves and equity changes of Hengxin mining. Therefore, the expected delay in this restructuring may strike the enthusiasm of some investors and put pressure on the company's share price

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