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PetroChina's retail sales fell, and the retail price of refined oil may be further lowered.

due to the continued weak demand for domestic refined oil, PetroChina's retail sales of refined oil in February were seriously unsalable. According to the latest data of PetroChina sales company, the retail sales of refined oil in February was 3.43 million tons, 300000 tons less than the original plan and 140000 tons less than that in January; Diesel retail continued to be poor. At present, the market has also heard that the maximum retail price of refined oil may be lowered again after the two sessions

PetroChina's sales of refined oil fell

the data showed that PetroChina's total sales of gasoline and diesel oil in February reached 5.48 million tons, 270000 tons less than the original plan, including 180000 tons of gasoline exceeding the plan and 420000 tons of diesel less than the plan

according to the wholesale and retail data, the wholesale and sales plan of petroleum products in mid February was well completed, and the retail link was relatively poor. Among them, the wholesale sales volume was 2.06 million tons, an increase of 160000 tons compared with the month in which the preferential tax policies were tempting; Retail sales decreased by 140000 tons. As of February, the total retail sales were 850000 tons less than that of the original plan for the experimental precautions of the impact testing machine, of which 550000 tons were less in January

the continued weak demand for domestic refined oil is the main reason for the unsalable 1.2mn. According to analysts' estimates, domestic oil demand fell by 10%-15% in January, which exacerbated gasoline and diesel inventory levels

at present, diesel is unsalable and its inventory is significantly larger than that of gasoline. In order to increase the inventory of digested diesel, PetroChina has reduced the ex factory price of diesel by 100 yuan/ton and increased the ex factory price of gasoline by 200 yuan/ton. It is expected to encourage the increase of gasoline production and restrain diesel production through price leverage. In the middle and late February, PetroChina 0# diesel oil was sold at a low price of about 4000 yuan/ton in the waterway market of the Yangtze River Delta, which attracted a number of traders to buy. Only then did the diesel oil sales increase

according to statistics, after the Spring Festival this year, the price war in the retail of refined oil has continued from south to north. Among them, diesel has a preferential margin of 0.3/l -0.5 yuan/L, even 0.6/l -0.8 yuan/L in some regions, and gasoline in some regions also has a preferential margin of 0.3 yuan/L -0.5 yuan/L

the country may reduce the price of refined oil again.

after the two sessions, the country will reduce the maximum retail price of refined oil again. Zhaopengcheng, a petrochemical industry analyst at Tianxiang investment consulting, believes that from the current oil refining and sales profits, there is room for the price of refined oil to be reduced, and the country's further reduction also has the consideration of stimulating domestic demand

"the ex factory price of refined oil is now very low, and the interest margin in retail is very large." Zhaopengcheng said, "according to the current pricing mechanism, Sinopec's refining gross profit is about 750 yuan to 800 yuan per ton."

however, zhaopengcheng doesn't quite agree with the idea of a reduction of 500 yuan/ton. He said: "according to my calculation, the reduction range may be about 200 yuan to 300 yuan per ton of different types and uses.". The relevant person from the oil price department of the national development and Reform Commission said when accepting the confirmation of the daily economy: "there is no comment on this matter at present."

market participants believe that even if the maximum retail price of refined oil is lowered, it will have little impact on the wholesale market of gasoline and diesel oil. At present, the wholesale price has obviously fallen, and the retail profit is extremely rich. According to the statistics of e-trade information, as of March 10, the average wholesale prices of 93 × gasoline and 0 × diesel in China were 5471 yuan/ton and 4093 yuan/ton, down 2.5% and 15% respectively compared with the C1 national average price at the last price adjustment on January 15, which were 769 yuan/ton and 1517 yuan/ton lower than the national maximum retail price respectively

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