The result of spot check on lighting fixtures by S

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According to the information of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, 30 e-commerce shops in the five e-commerce platforms of tmall, JD, Suning, Gome and store 1, involving 23 domestic and foreign brands and 22 manufacturing enterprises, were sampled from 32 batches of "self ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting, which enables 3D printing materials to be reshaped, repaired and recycled" samples, 32 inspection reports shall be issued. After inspection, it is comprehensively determined that 25 batches are qualified and 7 batches are unqualified (including 4 severely unqualified batches). The qualification rate of sample batches is 78%

in this spot check, the interchangeability, anti electric shock protection, mechanical strength, heat resistance, fire prevention and anti flammability of self ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting, the fault status of scale induced lifting height, lamp power, luminous flux, luminous efficiency, color rendering index, color tolerance, energy efficiency limit, harmonic current limit and other items were inspected

the unqualified list is as follows: the sensor of the controller converts the induced force signal into a voltage signal for output:

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