The restructuring plan of the hottest American tir

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According to the news on December 21, through the experimental tire dealer company (hereinafter referred to as ATD), we announced that the Delaware bankruptcy court had confirmed and approved the reorganization plan of the company. The company is expected to complete the capital restructuring and regain its vitality before the end of the year

according to the announcement, the debt of the restructured company will be reduced by more than $1.1 billion. At the same time, a new financing scheme will be provided to improve the flexibility of ATD's financial operation, so as to better support the continuous transformation and transformation of American tire dealers

it is reported that ATD (full name: American tire distributors) is an independent tire supplier in the replacement market of the tire industry, operating more than 140 distribution centers, including 25 in Canada. These distribution centers serve more than 80000 customer bases in the United States and Canada, as well as other countries outside North America. Since at2007, we have started to study physical metallurgy D. We have complete inventory brands, product lines and product specifications; To provide fast and value-added services to tire and automobile maintenance companies. ATD has about 5000 employees, of which 592 are in Hubei Province. At present, there are some new material manufacturers in the market with a revenue of 256billion yuan. 800 are in Canada, and a few are in other regions outside North America

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