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Restructuring of the tobacco industry triggers new changes in tobacco printing technology (Part 2)

four types of technologies are expected to lead the innovation of tobacco printing technology

gravure printing is becoming more and more prominent

among the 20 domestic tobacco enterprises surveyed, gravure printing and offset printing are the two most widely used printing methods in tobacco printing plants, of which the proportion of enterprises dominated by gravure printing or gravure printing occupies an important position is close to 70%. 90% of the surveyed enterprises said that the structural adjustment of tobacco enterprises and the further improvement of cigarette brand concentration have made gravure printing, which is good at printing large-scale orders, with the polystyrene foam board (XPS) Professional Committee as a professional industry organization. The advantages of gravure printing in cigarette bag printing are mainly reflected in high efficiency, high quality and stability, especially when the number of orders for a variety reaches more than 50000 boxes, Its efficiency will be clearly reflected. The multi-purpose, multi-color, high-speed, automation, linkage and environmental protection have become the general consensus of domestic cigarette factories and printing enterprises in the development of gravure printing

drum gravure printing equipment to meet the needs of large-scale production of cigarette packets

the integration of the tobacco industry makes the cigarette packet production develop in a large and high-speed direction, which provides a huge application platform for drum gravure printing equipment. At present, the research and development process of a kind of gravure printing electro-hydraulic servo message universal series experimental machine that is very suitable for cigarette package printing enterprises is to draw on the development and manufacturing experience of the international famous electro-hydraulic servo dynamic experimental machine company. The equipment is the drum gravure printing machine + online large sheet cutting machine (electronic shaft). Because of the high production efficiency of drum gravure printing, the drum gravure printing machine and the large sheet cutting machine are online to cut the web printed products into single sheet products, While it is suitable for mass production, it can also ensure that the post-processing process of cigarette labels can be carried out smoothly. At present, the drum gravure printing machine + on-line large sheet cutting machine of ceroudi company, the rotary gravure printing machine + computer positioning cutting machine of Australian golden printing company and the unit gravure cross cutting machine to be launched by Shaanxi beiren in May all meet the changing needs of this market. It is particularly worth mentioning that the world's first gravure printing unit integrating compounding, transfer, general printing and UV printing has been settled in Shenzhen Jinjia, which is a landmark measure for the innovation of cigarette printing technology

multi color single concave machine catering to the multi process of cigarette bag production

the printing quality and color stability of multi-color single concave machine are significantly higher than those of imported multi-color offset press, and the price is significantly lower than that of offset press. In order to improve the low utilization rate of the single concave machine, Beijing zhenhenri Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a flexo printing module that can be installed on the single concave machine at the end of 2004. When there is no single concave product, the single concave machine can be transformed into a flexo polishing machine, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment. The multi-color, one machine multi-purpose single concave machine is very suitable for the production of cigarette labels with multi process requirements. Replacing the concave printing machine with a flexographic printing and polishing machine not only saves the user's purchase cost, but also saves the user's space occupied by the machine, which can be described as "one machine" and "two gains". The four-color single concave machine launched by zhenhenri is an upgraded product to meet the restructuring of the tobacco industry

the combination printing process leads the fashion

the reorganization and brand integration of tobacco enterprises put forward higher requirements for the quality of packaging, which also led to the increasingly complex cigarette package design and printing process. Gravure printing, offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing, UV, bronzing and other technologies have been launched one after another. The combination printing has brought the quality and grade to a very high level. Among the surveyed enterprises, more than 60% of them use combined printing process on product packaging. For example, a relevant person from the technical center of Baisha Group said that at present, many of the company's products use the combined process of offset printing and flexo printing, and in the later stage, they use sanding, bronzing, embossing and other processes, achieving very good visual effects. Hongta Group, Changde cigarette factory, Jiangjun group and other products can also find this combined printing process

many cigarette printing enterprises said that with the continuous improvement of cigarette label design level, it is usually difficult to achieve better printing effect by using only one process. Therefore, the technology of printing cigarette packs by combination of gravure printing, offset printing, silk screen printing, flexo printing and other units is gradually becoming a trend. Although simple design is a trend of tobacco packaging in the future, luxury design will still exist for a long time in the high-end and some middle-end cigarette markets, which also provides a platform for the continuous development of the combined printing process. Combined printing technology can not only give full play to the characteristics of various printing methods, but also learn from each other. Such as offset printing to add images and gradient patterns; Taking advantage of the thick ink layer and stable ink color of gravure printing, large-area field and spot color, recent gold silver color, pearl color and various imitation metal etching inks are printed; If you need special finishing effects, you can also add silk printing processes, such as frosting, ice flowers, crystals, wrinkles, etc., which have brought unprecedented strong artistic visual effects to the cigarette case. At the same time, it can also form a complete set with later processing technologies such as gold sweeping, UV local polishing, bronzing, embossing, etc., so as to make the cigarette bag more beautiful. For example, the modern narrow width rotary printing technology launched by Nilpeter China Co., Ltd. is a printing equipment that takes into account various printing methods such as offset printing, silk screen printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and bronzing, and adapts to the process characteristics of the complexity of cigarette label design

the demand for paper is getting higher and higher

the reorganization of tobacco has made domestic cigarette printing enterprises put forward higher requirements for the quality of cigarette labels. As the main raw material of packaging, paper has always been highly concerned

Shanghai Tobacco Group made pertinent criticisms on the quality of domestic paper suppliers, believing that there is still a gap in quality and types compared with foreign paper; Hongta Group hopes that suppliers can make breakthroughs in the development of new paper products, such as new paper with high gloss and easy surface treatment, and requires aluminized paper suppliers to avoid the use of non-ferrous aluminum, transfer film, coating, etc. in the production process; Guangdong general cigarette factory puts forward requirements for reducing the content of harmful components in paper

in order to better meet the requirements of customers, Shaoxing Tiger color laser material technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tiger color group, specially introduced a full set of paper quality inspection instruments from Jinan Derek, including paper stiffness meter, folding resistance meter, whiteness meter, thickness meter and other series of products, to ensure the quality of paper printing products

as the smell of paper is one of the factors that cause the smell of cigarette labels, odorless paper has become the paper required by cigarette label printing enterprises. In response to this phenomenon, Sweden's igzonde has launched a 100% pure original wood white card for tobacco. This white card uses wood paddles with a tree age of years, and does not contain toluene, butyl acetate, hexyl acetate and other components that affect the smell of cigarette labels. It has been tested by the tobacco Testing Center for many times, This kind of white card paper does not contain other chemical components, and can maintain the consistency of the smell of each cigarette. The new era "giant panda" brand of Shanghai Tobacco Group uses this tasteless cigarette 5 Describe the white card according to the shape and fracture characteristics of the experiment

with the development of high-grade cigarette labels, special paper with texture effect, color and good texture has gradually become the paper type concerned by cigarette factories and printing houses. The fashionable and Avantgarde "star field" soft feeling launched by Dongfang Ganggu Paper Co., Ltd. the soft paper surface of the product is as delicate as velvet, as tender as baby skin, and as silky as milk chocolate. It is very suitable for high-end packaging with unique style. This kind of product is becoming the focus of cigarette enterprises to create high-end cigarette labels

the base paper of the new product "chro-molux true" launched by Finnish forestry has a variety of dark colors, such as dark blue, dark green and dark brown. At the same time, it can produce various colors of glass paperboard according to customers' needs. The biggest advantage of this paper is that even if it is printed in dark colors, consumers can clearly see the color of the base paper. At the same time, they will not see the white foot of the cigarette box on the final packaging, It can play an important role in the protection and anti-counterfeiting of cigarette brands

environmental protection and new inks are ready to emerge

as a special food, consumers are very sensitive to the smell during smoking. For the requirements of food safety and health, cleaner production and effective anti-counterfeiting, inks have become a key topic of concern for cigarette manufacturers during the tobacco integration period

in the investigation, we found that domestic tobacco enterprises, especially the leading enterprises in the industry, have treated ink as an extremely important subject: in the enterprise standard issued by Hongta Group, which has strict requirements on solvent residue in cigarette packaging, ink is listed as the key; Recently, Kunming Cigarette Factory is cooperating with relevant national departments to carry out research on the smell of cigarette products. Ink is a major focus of attention. The final investigation result will become an important reference for the formulation of relevant national standards

taking the water-based gravure printing ink as an example, the emergence of this ink has made gravure printing a big step forward in environmental protection, but the printing performance and quality still can not meet the standard of solvent based gravure printing ink. This is mainly due to the high surface tension of water, which makes the ink difficult to wet, drying very slow, and the printing effect is not very ideal. As the water-based gravure ink is not enough to comprehensively replace the solvent ink at present, the ink enterprises have been working hard to develop new alcohol ester cigarette pack ink that is more acceptable to the environment, hoping that it can solve the problems such as the damage of solvent ink to health and the influence of solvent residue after printing on cigarette odor

in the survey, many ink suppliers said that user enterprises and printing enterprises have higher and higher requirements on environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and other aspects of ink. Therefore, the production focus of enterprises has gradually shifted to the production of environmental friendly ink. They strictly follow environmental protection standards in terms of raw material procurement, quality control and product testing of environmental friendly ink, and focus on controlling odor, heavy metals and harmful substances, So as to ensure the environmental protection requirements of the product. In addition, ink enterprises are also actively developing new products and creating a new brand image of cigarette labels to meet the needs of the market

source: global color box industry

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