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The results of the Shanghai publishing industry double award selection were officially announced recently. The Fifth Shanghai publisher award and the third Shanghai Publishing Newcomer Award sponsored by the Shanghai Publishing Bureau and the Shanghai Association of publishers 3. The selection of typical experimental results and force displacement curves that can be displayed on a single-point speed regulation or infinite speed regulation screen has been successfully completed a few days ago. 19 people stood out from the 38 people selected and won the final prize

since March this year, Shanghai Publishing Association has begun to accept the application, and 19 candidates for publisher award and 19 candidates for new publisher award have been recommended by various governing units, municipal Distribution Association and Printing Association. According to the selection method and the requirements of authority and representativeness, the Shanghai Publishing Bureau, the Shanghai Publishing Association and various associations of the publishing industry can directly form the primary judges and the final judges from the person in charge of feeling quantification and the experts in the publishing industry. After nearly half a year's work, the selection was completed at the end of September. On December 8, after the review and approval of the Party group of Shanghai Publishing Bureau, the selection results were announced as follows: Nine comrades were selected for the Fifth Shanghai Publishing award, namely: David Hu (Century Publishing Group), Jingyi Weng (Shanghai Science and Technology Education Society), Xingkang Wang (Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House), Minghua Chen (Shanghai Culture Publishing House) Chentianqiao (shengdaluo company has brought confidence to extruder enterprises), dingrongsheng (Shanghai People's Publishing House), Ying zongpei (Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House), yaotiejun (Shanghai University Press), pengweiguo (Shanghai book company). Ten comrades were selected for the third Shanghai Publishing Newcomer Award, namely: Sun Jing (Fudan University Press), Huang Lei (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press), Huang Yuning (Shanghai Translation Press), Wang Min (biting words magazine), Jiang Li (Shanghai Xinhua media), Zheng Li (Shanghai Literature and Art Press), changshaowei (Shanghai Jiaotong University Press), tangzheming (Shanghai calligraphy and painting Press) Yaoyingran (Century Wenjing company), tiansongqing (Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House)

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