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In 2018, the revenue of industrial rich link exceeded RMB 400 billion and actively promoted strategic transformation. On the evening of March 29, industrial rich link released its 2018 annual report. The report shows that in 2018, the total operating income of industrial Fulian reached 415.378 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.16%; The net profit attributable to the parent company was RMB 16.902 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6.52%. Industry Fulian said that in 2018, the company insisted on focusing on the enabling of industrial interconnection and the promotion of intelligent manufacturing strategy, continued to increase R & D investment, focused on cultivating the supply capacity of intelligent manufacturing, and achieved innovative breakthroughs in key technical equipment, industrial software and system solutions

stable asset quality

according to the 2018 annual report of industrial Fulian, thanks to the increased market demand for communication network equipment and cloud service equipment, the operating revenue of industrial Fulian continued to maintain double-digit growth in 2018. Among them, the sales revenue of communication network equipment was 259.154 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.82%; The sales revenue of cloud service equipment was 153.224 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.27%

while the revenue increased, the sales and management expenses of industrial Fulian decreased. Among them, the proportion of sales revenue decreased from 0.51% in 2017 to 0.43%, a year-on-year decrease of 0.08 percentage points; After retroactive adjustment, the proportion of management expense revenue decreased to 1.05% from 1.27% in 2017, a year-on-year decrease of 0.22%. In addition, through the analysis of industrial big data and the use of industrial robots, in 2018, the direct labor cost of industrial Fulian on 3C electronic products decreased by 5.98% year-on-year, saving labor expenditure

from the perspective of asset scale and cash flow performance, in 2018, the asset scale of industrial Fulian achieved steady growth, with a total asset of RMB 2006.003 billion, a year-on-year increase of 35.0%. Specifically, in 2018, the net operating cash flow of industrial Fulian was 22.006 billion yuan for seamless steel pipes with wall thickness greater than 1.2mm, an increase of 158.47% year-on-year. The steady operating cash flow strongly supported the development of new business of industrial Fulian. On the other hand, the asset liability ratio of industrial Fulian fell to 63.94% in 2018, a decrease of 17.1 percentage points compared with 2017

continue to maintain high R & D investment

the annual report shows that in terms of R & D investment, industrial Fulian continues to increase R & D expenses. In 2018, the company invested 8.999 billion yuan in R & D, a year-on-year increase of 13.43%. By increasing R & D investment, the company promoted the speed of launching innovative products, improved product efficiency, and accelerated the deep integration of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection

in terms of R & D team, industrial Fulian continuously introduces key technical talents and establishes a talent echelon with strategic value. At present, industrial Fulian has more than 23000 R & D personnel, and has reserved talents in the fields of artificial intelligence, industrial IOT and 5g communication to build a solid scientific and technological service team

in terms of patent achievements, as of december31,2018, industrial Fulian had 3736 valid patents, including 1406 newly added patents in 2018, which are mainly concentrated in the field of industrial interconnection intelligent manufacturing and technology services, including the manufacturing and development technology of intelligent mechanisms, all-in-one machines applied to cloud computing servers, cloud computing memory data systems, wireless intelligent positioning, SMT IOT application, data Intelligence Center Most of the intelligent manufacturing centers, high-precision and high-efficiency cutting tool technology, and high-tech applied to molds and jigs have been in the mass production stage and entered the market

it is worth noting that at present, industrial Fulian has taken the lead in laying out the network construction and data transmission in the 5g era, and completed the development of key technologies at the initial stage of 5g development, such as 5g small base stations, user equipment, MIMO antennas, etc. With the continuous increase of R & D investment and the continuous accumulation of R & D experience, industrial Fulian has established a complete core technology system and built a four-layer industrial interconnection platform architecture based on sensors, fogcerebellum, Foxconn industrial cloud platform (FII cloud) and industrial applications

industrial interconnection has achieved remarkable results.

the annual report shows that in 2018, industrial Fulian took the lead in completing the model of the light off factory in some areas of the tools and communication equipment manufacturing sector of BASF (abbreviated as BASF), a German chemical company, and further affirmed the light exposure cycle transformation, realized an operating revenue of 4.766 billion yuan, and was selected into the lighthouse factory network of the world economic forum, Become an industry 4.0 demonstration field for global manufacturing industry learning. After the transformation, the automation efficiency of intelligent manufacturing of precision tools is increased by 15%, the time for intelligent machine adjustment and line change is reduced by 10%, and 85% intelligent correction is realized in the processing and production process

in terms of improving product quality, the highest product yield of the top five customers of industrial Fulian cloud equipment increased by 1.5%; The yield of high-precision mechanism parts of communication equipment increased by 2.75%; The comprehensive life of precision tools is extended by about 20~30%, and the product life cycle is extended

in terms of improving production efficiency, the per capita efficiency of industrial Fulian has been significantly improved, including 25% increase in per capita revenue and 11% increase in per capita net profit; The tool efficiency has also been significantly improved. Taking the intelligent maintenance of the suction nozzle as an example, its average maintenance cycle has increased by 3.2 times, and the cooperation rate of the suction composition to support the development of the new material industry has increased to 99.96%

in terms of reducing production costs, the processing business of high-precision mechanism parts of industrial Unicom communication equipment achieved an 18% increase in production capacity and an 84% reduction in labor consumption; The cloud equipment business achieved a reduction of 11% in manufacturing expenses and 9% in management expenses per million yuan of revenue; The precision tool manufacturing business realized 34% green recycling of materials, reduced water consumption by about 60000 tons and saved about 1million kilowatt hours of electricity

in the aspect of inventory reduction, industrial Fulian has developed an industrial interconnection system to track the global inventory level information in time, formulate purchase orders on the basis of inventory level control, and reduce inventory backlog and capital risk

industry Fulian said that in the future, the company will link professional cloud and fog cerebellum, industrial artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, optimize the production process with the synergy of the platform, and realize worry free production

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