The hottest new trend of ERP value chain marketing

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The new trend of ERP value chain marketing

ERP, as a symbol of productivity in a business era, has its historical inevitability in its origination, popularization and personalized application. The key problem is that behind this inevitability, it needs a social ecosystem to support, that is, the value chain. In fact, the value chain is like the biological chain of the natural system. Without this ecosystem, even the dominant dinosaur on the earth will face extinction

in fact, many things are like this. The experience of buying goldfish several times made me feel a little. After tossing and turning for several times, it turned out that there were many fish tanks without leaving a live fish. This result suddenly made me feel that fish farming is not just about watching. There are also a series of questions behind this for better viewing: how to feed? How to change the water? To solve these problems, for a novice, I not only need to know how to watch, but also need services and knowledge related to fish farming

for fish sellers, they have found a new opportunity to make money. For example, when selling fish, they can choose some books about fish farming to sell, provide special bait and ingredients, and allow the fish tank to exchange for the promotion measures of goldfish. This is the idea of value chain marketing, and its significance lies in a certain product or service for customers, We need to integrate a series of marketing strategies based on customer value

from the perspective of demand, the initial value of fish is only appreciation, which is a functional demand for me; When we buy fish and keep them at home, China realizes that the problem is not so simple. I need a package of products and services to make the fish survive. This is a programmatic demand; In the future, I will be more satisfied with the knowledge of these fish, insects, flowers and plants, which is the demand of diversity and achievement

erp value chain is the same. At first, customers applied ERP to improve management efficiency and promote the healthy growth of enterprises, which is a functional demand; For small and medium-sized enterprises, there is a lack of information personnel. What they urgently need is a package of information solutions suitable for their actual situation, such as software and hardware integration, fiscal and tax integration, and property security integration; Now, the biggest driving force of ERP in enterprises has become how to help enterprises with on-demand and management innovation, which is the differentiated pressure stabilization 1H demand

from "individual hero" to "industrial cluster victory"

from the process of informatization projects, enterprises begin to look for consulting companies to plan, and then select information systems. There is no problem in the sequence. But it often brings a problem: the planning proposal does not consider the enforceability of ERP, nor does it have a standard communication mechanism. The reason is that although they are in the same value chain, each company does not give a set of punches, and finally dismembers the customer's strategy for their own temporary project interests. Therefore, Mr. Liu Chuanzhi of Lenovo sighed: if you don't go to ERP, you will die; Go to ERP and die. Mr. Xu Shaochun of Kingdee software said that ERP can create value, and poor implementation can destroy value

of course, we don't have to stop eating because of choking when facing ERP. Customers hope to help enterprises create customer value through the operation of ERP, but in fact, a complete set of value chain system is needed to support the operation of this ERP system. Customers need to purchase conveniently, make products suitable for the personality of the enterprise, implement them, provide services quickly, and upgrade quickly. All these needs can't be sustained by any manufacturer alone. Even providers with these products and services may not be able to satisfy customers and get value. Therefore, we actually need a chain

this chain is related to several stages of ERP implementation, such as consultation, planning, implementation, launch, service and improvement. These stages together constitute a linked enterprise informatization project implementation process. The so-called interlocking relationship is just like the relationship of 'and' in logic. Any environmental SBS and desalination SEBS product is the main target of replacing imported products, and the disconnection or omission means the loss of ERP value. On the contrary, these links have been opened up, which is the process of ERP realizing value creation for enterprises. As stated in the martial champion Su Qi'er, the 18th palm of dragon subduing requires the first 17 palms to be beaten out in one go, so as to show the greatest power of the beggars' sect's peerless magic

China's software enterprises are going through an era from "individual heroes" to "industrial clusters win". With the in-depth application of ERP platform, a new and harmonious management software ecological chain will appear

ERP platform based on value chain system

the real problem is whether the historical opportunity to produce this value chain has come? How to build such a value chain? How can stakeholders in this chain communicate effectively to achieve coordination

world planning consulting experts believe that China's management software industry is undergoing the third technological change. The theme of this reform is platformization. What the industry is most concerned about is how to provide ERP platform based on value chain system for customers. Relying on this ERP platform, the whole value chain of management software will undergo substantial changes, and the industrial division of labor will be more clear, because the ERP platform provides modeling tools for consultants and planners, provides developers with 9. Reverse zigzag experimental oil cup and secondary development tools and system integration tools with relative lubrication, provides implementers with process configuration tools, and provides system deployment tools for online and service providers, All providers can communicate and cooperate effectively through ERP platform

the Alliance Plan advocated by many ERP companies, including Kingdee, is actually a value chain marketing strategy. This strategy includes the whole value chain of personalized ERP platform, including consulting, products, services, upgrades, partners and training and education programs. According to the process and role of ERP value delivery to customers, the members of the United Front condensed in this value chain should include: product distribution partners, authorized service partners, authorized training partners, solution partners, consulting alliance partners, industry value-added partners and industry development partners. The industrial revolution triggered by the ERP platform will unite the ERP based value chain alliance enterprises that are willing to devote themselves to the personalized era, so that all enterprise users in China can use personalized ERP; Let all Chinese enterprises fully display the bismuth management personality adjacent to lead in the periodic table; Let Chinese enterprises improve their management innovation ability and jointly help Chinese enterprises achieve "management innovation and win-win situation in the world". (end)

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