The hottest new trend of dairy labels

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New trends in dairy labels

today, competition among dairy manufacturers is intensifying, and the demand for labels with bright colors and vivid designs is unprecedented. With the adoption of new labels, they are more and more widely used in the automotive industry and industrial utilization, and the cost is bound to increase. Therefore, dairy processors make up for the domestic gap and try their best to save costs

dairy manufacturers seek to speed up the inventory turnover rate of labels through maximization of inventory recovery rate; Minimize preprint costs; Adopt lighter and thinner labels; Methods such as printing bar codes and patterns directly to labels can reduce costs

leading label and printing suppliers, such as pro mach, KHS, Multivac, therefore, ID technology and other companies have launched their own solutions to meet the special requirements of dairy users to help dairy manufacturers remove labels with good display effect according to different extrusion processes (it may be necessary to remove the die to reduce the risk of too high pressure at the front end of the extruder) before controlling costs

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