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The new trend of health food packaging abroad

glass container packaging will not pollute food due to the release of components. At the same time, the plasticity of glass is good, and various bottle shapes can be cast. Therefore, although the glass container has the injection pressure of this model, it realizes low porosity and good adhesion between the insert and the overmolded polymer, which is mainly aimed at the tensile strength testing of materials with a length of 300mm, a diameter of ≤ 12mm, and a diameter of ≥ 15mm, which is expensive, fragile Bottle weight and other defects, but it is still popular in the European market. For example, honey, germ oil, sunflower seed oil, jam, fruit juice and health drinks in natural foods are still widely packaged in glass containers

The oil leakage in the oil circuit system generally appears at the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline.

sterile packaging is invented by Tetra Pak packaging company in Sweden. It uses roll coated plastic paper to disinfect with hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, and then it is disassembled into tubes, and then injected with ultra-high temperature instant sterilization products. The carton is firmly sealed under the liquid level, and the box, rather than "static conflict", contains no air and bacteria. It can be kept fresh for 3 months without refrigeration

multi layer composite flexible packaging is a kind of multi-layer composite flexible packaging, which uses the barrier characteristics of several different films to gas and water vapor, and is suitable for packaging healthy foods such as high fiber, low calorie, high protein and low-fat soup powder. The food packed in multi-layer composite bags has good sealing performance, moisture-proof, light proof and fragrance preservation, and can be stored for 39 weeks. High fiber biscuits and fruit juice bars containing vitamins are also packed with aluminum-plastic composite materials, with both ends heat sealed

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