The hottest new trend of famous wine bottle caps

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The new trend of bottle caps of famous and high-quality wine

in the packaging of famous and high-quality wine products, the development and use of bottle caps has always been one of the most concerned topics of manufacturers and merchants, because it not only involves the appearance of products and the difficulty of opening bottles, but also requires them to have good sealing performance and anti-counterfeiting function, so as to effectively play the role of preventing counterfeits, preserving quality and benefiting consumption. It seems that the production of small bottle caps also contains high scientific and technological content

it is reported that in order to integrate with the international famous wine market and promote foreign trade, China has widely promoted the use of metal anti-theft bottle caps (ropps) in recent years. However, due to the backward production technology, the unstable quality of aluminum plates, and the inability to implement high-tech processes, resulting in the rough appearance of bottle caps, low grades, imperfect anti-counterfeiting functions and other deficiencies, people have doubts about such bottle caps, It also provides conditions for a variety of plastic wine bottle caps to flood the market

in fact, domestic plastic wine bottle caps are also backward in production technology. Secret then 6-hour sealing performance is poor, the appearance is easy to be imitated, and the anti-counterfeiting function is low, leaving many hidden dangers. For example, the imported plastic bottle caps selected by some famous domestic wineries with high reputation have been imitated as soon as the patented products bought at a large amount of money have just come into the market. The imitators only need to invest hundreds of thousands of yuan to produce products that confuse the fake with the real, causing irreparable economic losses to these famous and high-quality wine brands. In order to curb the production and sale of counterfeit goods, at present, most of the international famous wine packaging uses high-tech metal anti-counterfeiting bottle caps with exquisite printing

at the same time, as the cost is still the most critical factor in choosing materials, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased. It has become a trend to eliminate plastic products in wine bottle cap packaging in the world. The pursuit of simple bottle opening, smooth wine pouring, high-tech plate making and printing, and intuitive anti-counterfeiting metal bottle caps has become the development direction of major famous wine packaging in the world today

UCP has always been in the leading position in the research and development of metal bottle caps. It is a branch of crown capping company, the world's largest bottle cap packaging group. The high-tech metal wine bottle caps it produces have unique top design and exquisite production. The cover body adopts multi-color printing and engraving technology. The advanced traditional habit is to start production first and then find problems. The special design software can meet the design requirements of various complex patterns, So as to ensure the reliable quality of the bottle cap, the meticulous and bright printing color, the extraordinary visual effect, the easy identification of consumers, and the impossibility of counterfeiting by criminals. It has a good brand protection function, and is the preferred product of many high-end wines abroad. For a long time, French Remy Martin, Hennessy fa-d=.......................................... formula (7) poetry, British red, black and gold whisky have been designated to use UCP multicolor printing metal anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, which plays an important role in protecting famous brands and resisting fake and inferior bottle caps

last year, Jiannanchun distillery and others in China began to choose UCP's high-grade metal anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, which provided reference experience for domestic famous distillery in improving packaging, increasing the added value of famous wine, cracking down on counterfeiting and maintaining quality

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