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New trends in the corrugated board market in the future (Part 2)

IV. comparison of advantages and disadvantages between G-board and cardboard

cardboard G-board printing direct printing cocoa preprint paper cocoa paper size can be limited (various sizes) carton strength (3) universal testing machine can not stretch at the same time Galaxy Securities released the fuel cell industry research report, twists and turns two experimental degrees, if the paper base weight is the same, Compared with the price reduction of cardboard, the price reduction of cardboard is limited. There is room for price reduction. The Japanese recycling law requires no payment to replace other materials (plastic). It can (any material). Fifth, the factors of corrugated cardboard machine required for the production of g-corrugated board

according to the R & D personnel of BHS company, the use of traditional corrugated line to produce ultra-thin corrugated board must consider the following factors to adjust

1. Ridge type

2. Steam heat control:

(1) single watt machine

(2) belt type pressure roller

(3) double tile machine

3. Corrugating roller: it is necessary to consider using the corrugating roller of the roller wall heating system (with high-efficiency heating conduction effect)

this type of corrugating roller can ensure that when the corrugating roller is heated by the cooling speed and the Japanese catalyst can increase the capacity of acrylic resin for optical materials, it can be heated evenly to the average web, including both ends

4. Base paper tension control:

(1) a paper receiving machine with stable and high paper receiving speed

(2) dual base paper tension control system

5. Paste car and paste:

(1) paste should be suitable for ultra-thin corrugated board, light base, heavy board and wide paper width of high-speed car

(2) the gap between the corrugating roll and the upper pasting roll should be controlled at 0.01mm

6. Overpass tension control:

(1) it is better to adopt the overpass paper guide of German El company and the tension control system of BHS company

(2) low base weight base paper is suitable for the production of ultra-thin boards

7. Paste car: the paste clearance adjustment system of pressure shoes should be considered

8. Double tile machine: heat control -bhsbartrol double tile machine

(1) hot plate area: most paperboards are bent due to high temperature, and the gravity roller needs to be automatically adjusted according to the paper width, material and the speed of the corrugated roller

(2) cold plate area: pressure plate type

9. Cross cutting knife:

(1) short size cutting capacity: 245m/min (500mm long)

(2) the accuracy of vertical cutting should be suitable for the use of board printing machine

VI. task of ultra-thin corrugated board

in order to achieve the goal of producing ultra-thin corrugated board, the following factors are important production indicators and tasks to be challenged in the future:

1. How to improve the efficiency of the corrugated line

2. It is the task of the base paper manufacturer to develop a base paper suitable for ultra-thin corrugated board

(1) light base heavy paper: front paper =135g-80g/m2

(2) moisture average control and base paper thickness control

3. Paper dust measurement:

(1) tile line manufacturer: paper dust removal and environmental protection system

(2) base paper manufacturer: dust-free base paper

4. How to prevent cardboard bending:

(1) tension

(2) heating control

(3) paste control

5. How to improve the productivity of small order box making and use the return mill to put into production. (Chen congyong, general manager of BHS Taiwan Branch in Germany)

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