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New trends of Beiersdorf: the new CEO took office on the 1st of this month, announcing the entry of AI

new trends of Beiersdorf: the new CEO took office on the 1st of this month, announcing the entry of AI

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AI technology is more and more widely used in the field of beauty and cosmetics, and has become an important technology for product research and development of many cosmetics enterprises

recently, bayersdorff, the parent company of Nivea and La Prairie, a German personal care giant, officially announced that it had entered into a partnership with insulico medicine, a biotechnology company, and planned to introduce artificial intelligence technology into the field of computer simulated skin research

it is reported that insulico medicine is a company that uses artificial intelligence technology to carry out drug research and development and anti-aging research. Aerogel gel materials will also be in the laboratory for a long time, with 150 academic and industrial cooperation institutions around the world. Beiersdorf will use the company's artificial intelligence technology to accelerate the research and development of new safe active ingredients and molecular ingredients for special skin problems as the technical basis for the research and development of skin care products. This cooperation not only contributes to the research and development of new products of Beiersdorf's cosmetics brands, but also enhances the scientific and technological strength of the group, which is of great help to the long-term development of the company and the development of new fields in the international market

in this regard, may shana'a, senior vice president of R & D Department of Beiersdorf, said, "as part of the open innovation culture, we have been looking for new technologies and partners that complement us. Through the bio simulation technology of insilico medicine, we can evaluate new active ingredients more quickly and effectively to better meet the skin care needs of consumers." Meanwhile, Alex zhavoronkov, CEO of insilico medicine, also said, "We firmly believe that this cooperation has great potential. We have cooperated with many consumer goods companies in the past. In my opinion, Beiersdorf has been an undisputed leader in the field of skin research and digital technology in recent decades. We are glad that they have long recognized the potential of artificial intelligence and hope that we can jointly demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence in our cooperation." In addition to Beiersdorf, daily chemical giant Johnson & Johnson also recently applied AI technology to the field of beauty. Recently, the dazzling Neutrogena brand of Johnson & Johnson has re launched the skin360 application. It is reported that the new version of the application combines advanced artificial intelligence technology, which can help consumers conduct virtual makeup trials through personalized operation steps, and also provide consumers with makeup guidance

it can be seen that the current consumer requirements for skin care products are more personalized, which also urges the brand to meet the diversified needs of consumers by introducing more advanced technology in the research and development process. In recent years, the continuous rise of niche brands, coupled with the rise of Internet shopping, has caused a huge impact on the mass consumer goods market, which is different from the decentralized global production mode market. The data shows that at present, 75% of the sales of Beiersdorf come from mass consumer brands, while the emerging niche brands have occupied 40% of the skin care market in Europe. According to the financial data of the first half of 2019 released by the company, its performance growth is still slightly weaker than that of the same industry, with an organic growth of 4.8% to 3.837 billion euros (about 29.4 billion yuan). For Beiersdorf, the introduction of new AI technologies may provide new growth opportunities for the company. In addition, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of niche brands and improve performance, Beiersdorf invested an additional million euros in the core consumer goods sector in 2019 for product innovation, digital reform, personnel training and expansion of new markets. In fact, in recent years, Beiersdorf has already made a number of investments in the high-tech field. It is understood that at the beginning of December last year, the Group acquired a large number of shares of lycl Inc., a Korean technology skin care enterprise, through its venture capital fund, to further strengthen its ability in skin care and consumer centered digital marketing. In addition, the group also launched the Nevea accelerator NX entrepreneurship accelerator project in South Korea. In this regard, Stefan de loecker, CEO of Beiersdorf, who officially took office on January 1, said that in the future, the group will increase the attractiveness of products to consumers through increased investment, as well as a series of reforms and new product research and development. He believes that every student has his own favorite choice of shell materials, and hopes to increase the competitiveness of the group through acquisitions in emerging markets, technology and natural skin care products

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