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New trend of foreign commodity packaging

with the rapid development of economy with strong data and graphics processing functions in the world, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, as well as the transformation of people's ideas and aesthetic tastes, there is a new trend in commodity packaging in today's developed countries

1. Multifunctional commodity packaging is popular. Nowadays, consumers in many developed countries like multi-functional commodity packaging, which can be used for other purposes besides packaging goods, improving the utilization value of packaging, saving resources and reducing environmental pollution. For example, after being used, the outer packaging of some goods in Germany can be folded and changed into a sales shelf. This multifunctional design is loved by consumers. At the same time, disposable packaging is simple in function and low in price, which is popular with some consumers and has a more optimistic prospect

2. Women's convenience packaging and men's products packaging are very popular. According to the survey and statistics of relevant departments, the employment rate of women in developed countries is getting higher and higher, and they need to carry convenient packaging. Since most household purchases are made by women, it is worth paying attention to meeting the needs of women in purchasing. Of course, men, like women, pay great attention to appearance and dress. They often choose products with exquisite packaging to raise their status, which provides a certain market for men's packaging

3. Special packaging is favored. First, small and exquisite commodity packaging from scratch. This kind of packaging can easily arouse the interest of consumers, especially young people, women and children. Because the small package will not bring great added value to the goods, it is easy to be accepted by consumers. After reinstalling the software, copy the backup files to the new installation path for replacement; The second is the packaging of fragrant goods. With the change of people's consumption concept, people not only require commodities and food to be colored, fragrant and delicious when used, but also require these commodities and food to smell fragrant when they are brought to the street. Many manufacturers add lavender to pillows and bedding, and spices to detergent, soap, herbal tea and wool, which not only makes it fragrant, but also has a certain hypnotic effect; Third, convenient food packaging. With the acceleration of people's pace of life, the packaging waste produced by fast food packaging is not allowed by environmental protection, which requires packaging producers to produce edible bags such as glutinous rice wrapping paper and bread boxes, which will be favored by more and more businesses. This kind of packaging is not only convenient to eat, but also a kind of beautiful enjoyment for people during meals; Fourth, vintage commodity packaging. In the trend of high technology, vintage goods and packaging, such as beautifully woven bamboo baskets, straw baskets, small barrels for wine, exquisite wooden lacquer boxes, small porcelain bottles, etc., are popular and even become a fashion

4. Green packaging materials are valued. In recent years, environmental protection issues in developed countries have attracted much attention. Countries have formulated regulations on packaging waste. Enterprises in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries also pay special attention to whether product packaging meets the requirements of environmental protection. The orientation of materials is towards paper packaging materials that are easy to treat and recycle. In contrast, plastic packaging, which used to be popular in the past, is a little depressed

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