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Take advantage of the new trend of glass packaging development

through the development of energy-saving technology, the introduction of efficient and advanced production equipment, and the corresponding improvement of the existing glass recycling system, the production cost of products can be reduced to a certain extent, the pollution to the environment can be reduced, and it better conforms to the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to promote the competitiveness of domestic glass packaging products in the market

1. The development of energy-saving technology

traditional kilns for the production of glass products has the characteristics of low production efficiency and high energy consumption. At the same time, it will also discharge a lot of waste gas into the atmosphere, causing environmental pollution. Therefore, further improving the service life of smelting kilns and the melting quality of glass products can save energy to a great extent. In terms of the current development of relevant technologies in China, we can learn from a series of mature technologies such as total oxygen combustion technology in foreign countries, and then optimize the structure of the kiln accordingly, so as to promote the improvement of the melting rate of glass products. When the experimental materials are fixed by the upper and lower collets, the energy consumption of the products will be reduced

in addition, intelligent control system can also be used. With the launch of yu'e Bao universal insurance, the production line can be reasonably arranged, and heat preservation and refractory materials with good performance can be used to further improve the efficiency of the kiln. The main way to reduce the energy consumption of glass packaging products is to develop energy-saving technologies and promote them

2. Efficient production

to promote the efficient production of glass products, the key is to speed up the forming speed of products, but in this process, we must ensure the stability of production process and the quality of products. In developed countries, the use rate of multi group and multi drop glass forming machine is very high, the main reason is that its product qualification rate is high, and its production efficiency is many times that of domestic production efficiency

combined with the accurate calculation provided by the computer system, it can continuously and effectively control the melting time, temperature and forming process of glass products, and detect the quality of products, so as to avoid the negative impact of human factors on products to the greatest extent. Therefore, domestic glass products manufacturers need to replace efficient and advanced molding equipment in time to promote their efficient production, so as to be more in line with the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce the cost of products

3. The improvement of recycling system

China's consumption of glass products ranks high in the world. Therefore, recycling and reusing glass products can undoubtedly achieve the conservation of energy and sound absorption coefficient measurement specification GBJ 47 (8) 3 resources to a certain extent, so as to reduce the pollution to the environment in the production process. In this regard, we must follow the "producer principle". At the same time, we also need to establish a special company engaged in glass recycling to increase the recycling of broken glass. It can be said that in the process of producing glass products, the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is directly proportional to the use of broken glass. Therefore, the recycled glass can be classified, stored and treated by the color and chemical composition of the glass, which is conducive to the remanufacture of the recycled broken glass in the later stage

in addition, it is also possible to guide and facilitate consumers to classify and place waste broken glass by category by establishing broken glass recycling stations in multiple places. Enterprises or companies that produce glass packaging products need to establish a reprocessing Center for broken glass, and supervise, adjust and improve the reprocessing and production process of broken glass, so as to provide sufficient raw materials for the remelting and remanufacturing of glass products

taking the measures mentioned above as the development direction of glass packaging products in the future can reduce environmental pollution to the greatest extent, effectively conform to the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, effectively promote the improvement of domestic glass products in production technology, effectively reduce production costs, and significantly enhance the competitiveness of China's glass packaging products in the international market

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