Research and development of vacuum capping machine

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Research and development of glass bottle vacuum capping machine technology

Vacuum Capping machine has brought great convenience to the capping work of bottled products, especially for glass bottled products. Glass bottle vacuum capping machine is a special equipment for glass bottle tinplate capping. Due to its unique capping vacuum pumping setting, the products using this capping machine can be better isolated from the air, better protect the products, and increase the shelf life of the products. It is used in the packaging and production of all kinds of canned, sauce food, mushrooms, beverages, condiments, aquatic products, etc

with the development and changes of the market and the emergence of different needs, there are various types and forms of vacuum capping machines for glass bottles. Different capping methods such as steam injection, semi sealed pumping and fully sealed pumping can be selected according to different production. No matter what kind of vacuum capping machine is, it has the characteristics of high speed, rapidity, simple operation, etc., and those beverage and beer glass bottle vacuum capping machines also have the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high degree of automation and good reliability. Their complete set of equipment is shown in the filling capping machine together, that is, the new form of filling capping machine, which is also the trend of the vacuum capping machine market in the future

for example, the vacuum capping machine produced by Nanning Xinghuo vacuum capping machine manufacturer has novel design and reasonable structure, which is manifested in that the vacuum chamber structure can effectively realize the full sealing effect of the system, and almost zero leakage can be achieved. Therefore, configuring a low-power vacuum pump can achieve a very high vacuum pumping effect. The electrical system adopts the vacuum value signal input control to realize the vacuum detection of each jar before screwing in the lid. After the set vacuum value is reached, the capping and capping actions of four exhibition areas, including plastic products, raw materials, machinery, machine tools and molds, can be carried out to ensure that each jar reaches the set vacuum value when the lid is screwed in. The barrel vacuum cover structure is adopted, and the PLC (programmable controller) programming is used to realize the actions of automatic in and out of the tank, automatic cap matching, vacuum pumping, clamping the bottle body, screwing the cap, etc

the vacuum capping machine has high technical content, strong reliability and automatic control, and its production efficiency is much higher than that of other equipment. The technical content is reflected in the complete matching of detection device and metering device, which can automatically detect various parameters. It can also be used with a filling machine. The complete supply capacity is as strong as a beverage filling line. It is composed of microcomputer parts, control software, filling and capping, which can meet the needs of different engineering construction in reality. Production capacity is combined with theory and technology. The supplier can provide engineering design, installation and commissioning for users, and finally submit them to users for acceptance

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