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Research and development progress of new elastomer coated polyurethane foam of Lanpu group

rampfgrcerena, a professional manufacturer of two-component polyurethane, predicts that the fastest-growing but becoming a landmark art of the city is the thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) OUP for hoses, seals and other uses. Its subsidiaries rampfdosiertechnik and rampfgiessharze combine proprietary machinery and material technology, We have jointly developed a raku SK with elastomer coating on its surface. In order to save money and make greater profits, we will use trapezoidal screw instead of ball screw in brand new polyurethane foam

in a statement issued on June 24, the group pointed out that rampfdosiertechnik has held the right to use the formulation technology for many years, and the right to use the material patent comes from the seal Department of chemcue, a Canadian high-performance polymer coating, adhesive and equipment manufacturer recently acquired. "After combining these two patents, the possibility of product application will not be limited." Klausschemel, President of Lanpu group, said. (source of the article is universal polyurethane)

according to Lanpu group, the polyurethane foam produced through the mixed formulation system has a "coaxial" elastomer coating, which can be directly applied to the surface of components in the field foaming process of foam pads. Once used, foam begins to form, solidify and bond with the elastomer coating. Lanpu said that the polyurethane foam can change the hardness and density according to the application needs, and is specially designed for residential electrical, household appliances and automotive applications

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