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Research and development of special cleaning agents for nano printing

Product background

technology should bring more convenience and environmental protection to mankind

the printing industry is ancient and civilized, but it has never stopped its progress. At present, the diluent used in the printing industry is urging researchers to solve its shortcomings such as easy combustion, high toxicity and environmental protection as soon as possible

why are these shortcomings so urgent that we need to overcome them? Let's take a look at the following arguments:

first of all, the economic losses caused by fires directly or indirectly caused by diluents every year are up to hundreds of millions of yuan. For example, in June, 2003, a printing factory in Shenzhen caused Tianna water to burn due to electric sparks. Two sets of equipment with more than 800000 yuan were scrapped

another example: in September 2004, a printing factory in Gongming, Bao'an, Shenzhen, caused spontaneous combustion of toluene due to high warehouse temperature and poor air circulation, resulting in a fire and direct economic losses of more than 2 million

secondly, because most ink thinners (including cleaning agents) contain benzene, toluene and other components, long-term contact will cause headache, dizziness, severe leukemia, and damage human hematopoietic function and immunity. According to the statistics of the Chinese Medical Association, leukemia patients account for 21% of the population suffering from occupational diseases every year

again, a survey report released by the State Environmental Protection Administration in 2002 showed that benzene accounted for 17.5% of the toxic components in the sewage discharge samples from six eastern provinces and cities (Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong)

fourth, in the printing process, many stains often appear in non graphic areas, affecting the quality of prints. The main reason is that the viscosity of the ink is too large

looking at these evidences is enough to make us look forward to the emergence of new products to improve these characteristics of inks. Not only to avoid some vicious accidents, but also more environmentally friendly

Shenzhen Huasheng Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the technology of haniman laboratory in the United States and jointly developed the special cleaning agent for nano printing with Tsinghua University in China, which is the latest (3) new nano technology after finalization. It can not only dilute ink, but also be used for oil pollution cleaning of printing equipment. At the same time, it can also be flame retardant and environmental protection. In order to thoroughly implement the provincial Party committee The decision and deployment of the provincial government on implementing the major project of converting old and new kinetic energy is a major change in the printing industry, and a new generation of diluents replace products in China

product technical indicators and characteristics

its technical indicators are as follows:

according to repeated tests by researchers, it has the following characteristics: flame retardancy, no flash point, fast volatilization, no residue; Environment friendly, no odor; Both soft and hard substances can be cleaned. This kostron uses different materials to develop a complete concept of high-tech nano cleaning agent, which can not only meet the environmental protection and safety performance indicators, but also improve the quality of suppository products, increase gloss and transparency, and make the printed finished products more bright and beautiful

its uses are as follows:

1) it can dissolve all kinds of printing inks

2) it can fully dilute the paint used in plastic bag factory, plastic toy factory and iron can printing factory

3) it has a significant cleaning effect on the oil stains of printing ink and paint

4) colorless transparent liquid, mixed with ink and paint, can increase the brightness of printing and painting

5) flame retardant, non combustible, not limited by open fire and high temperature, high safety performance

6) volatile, no residue

7) it does not contain ODS and is friendly to human body and environment

8) can be mixed with alcohol and ester solvents in any proportion

Shandong Hongwang project is currently in full swing. According to the path taken by the printing industry in the United States, Britain, France and other developed countries, the use of environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, harmless ink diluents and cleaning agents is a historical necessity

Founded in 2001, Huasheng technology is a private high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of environmental friendly polymer cleaning products, as well as the cleaning engineering of communication equipment and power equipment

the company has introduced the cleaning product technology of Dr. hanniman of the University of Hughes, an internationally famous polymer chemistry expert. Through the research and absorption and localization in cooperation with the polymer insulation Research Laboratory of Tsinghua University, Huasheng R & D department has developed a series of high molecular cleaning products that meet the needs of the Chinese market, and its technology has reached the domestic leading level

Huasheng technology has accumulated a lot of engineering experience in digital display data acquisition, real-time sampling, deep storage and resolution event records, trend mapping, diagnostic dictionary and other technologies, and has continuously created 100% safety records for all engineering projects. The company also has the largest number of professional cleaning teams, and has carried out live cleaning of a large number of precision electronic instruments and mechanical and electrical equipment, such as telecommunications systems, mobile communication systems, petrochemical, DCS systems, distribution cabinets, etc. all over the country, which has a good industry reputation and public praise

the company's business philosophy is: "treat customers sincerely". Strive to create a corporate culture of "pursuing excellence and innovating the future", commit to creating new and higher service value for customers, and promote the development of the cleaning industry on a safer and more affordable track

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