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Research and development of machining center tool information integration technology

1 introduction

with the wide application of machining center machine tools in the machinery manufacturing industry, similar equipment of many domestic manufacturers is imported or copied from foreign products, and the modular combination tools used mainly include Sandvik, seco, KOMET and other series products, which brings the following problems: ① the tools used mainly come from a single tool manufacturer, with a single variety, Manufacturers can only realize their own tool allocation, without an effective tool use management system; ② In order to improve the processing capacity, when many enterprises choose the products of several tool manufacturers, it brings difficulties to the drawing of engineers and technicians and the assembly of tools by operators; ③ During assembly, the inventory of tool components directly affects whether the tool can be assembled successfully; ④ Because there is no effective tool information management system, it is impossible to monitor the tool inventory and the rational use of tool resources; The product resources of different tool manufacturers at home and abroad cannot be effectively utilized to reduce the cost of machining; Unable to effectively monitor the use of tools, etc

it can be seen that in the machine tool of machining center, the automatic assembly of tools and the management of tool inventory are particularly important, which are the key links related to the technological progressiveness, quality reliability, supply cycle and manufacturing cost of processed products. Especially in the current competitive market economy, the backward manual tool allocation and traditional tool management in the past can no longer meet the requirements of product design and production. Technologically developed countries have already begun to use the combination of CAD technology and database technology in the tool design and production application of machining centers and NC machine tools to realize the virtual assembly of tools, inventory resource management and monitoring of their use, and are developing towards intelligent manufacturing systems and networked virtual manufacturing systems. At present, there are tens of thousands of enterprises applying machining centers and CNC machine tools to engage in machinery processing industry in China, such as machinery manufacturing enterprises, mold manufacturing enterprises, internal combustion engines, heavy machinery, engine production enterprises, etc. Combining computer information technology with traditional professional technology, and using modern design means to replace traditional design methods, so as to shorten the design cycle and improve the product design quality, can bring significant economic benefits to enterprises, improve the shape of enterprises. 3. Cleaning problems and competitiveness in the industry. Therefore, make full use of computer information technology, according to various tool data provided by developers, The tool information integration technology system (database) of CNC machining center is established. By using table structure, number structure and graph structure, the functions of tool database management, query, assembly, output and use monitoring can be realized, so as to reduce the drawing, consulting materials and calculation time of engineering and technical personnel, make full use of the existing tool resources of enterprises, and shorten the tool preparation time of processed products, It can greatly improve the automation level of tool management and the effective utilization of limited tool resources

2 composition of tool information integration technology of machining center

taking machining center machine tools and CNC machine tools as examples, this paper discusses the implementation method of tool information management system technology. The software development environment of the technical research work is: Visual C + + 6.0, AutoCAD2000, Access2000, etc. using the database ADO technology, compile the technical application software of the tool integration system of the machining center (CNC machine tool) with independent copyright

Figure 1 Composition of the tool system

the composition of the tool system is shown in Figure 1. The basic technical frame of the system is mostly used for the detection, research, analysis and production process control of impact resistance characteristics of engineering plastics and high molecular materials, as shown in Figure 2, It is composed of the following main modules:

Figure 2 framework of tool information integrated management system of machining center

1) software purpose

this software is used in machining center machine tools and CNC machine tools, and the tool CAD and tool management system of general hole machining system and surface machining system in modular and fixed mode of Sandvik and KOMET are used

2) content of software database

sandvik hole drilling, expanding, boring, milling and other tools, corresponding to all kinds of blades, collets, Coromant's modular and integral tool holder system and varilock's modular and integral tool holder system. KOMET hole drilling, expanding, boring, milling and other tools, corresponding to all kinds of blades, collets, all components and components of KOMET modular and integral tool handle system. General machining tools for drilling, expanding, boring, milling, etc. in national standards. Recommended cutting parameters of various cutting tools (blades) under the conditions of various processing materials

3) establish a tool database management module

this module can add, delete and modify the tool handle database, tool bar database, pull pin database, blade database and tool matching relationship database, and realize the daily management of tools

4) establish the database of tool basic components

this module includes tool handle database, tool bar database, pull nail database and blade database

5) establish the tool component matching relationship database

this module includes the matching relationship of tool handle, tool bar, blade and pull pin. The system outputs the corresponding tool matching relationship according to the input information of the designer for the designer to choose

6) database management of common tool system

this module includes the selected tool system. Designers can browse, add, modify and delete the database as needed, and use existing resources to select the tool system

7) tool design system

the model of the machine tool, the material of the machined parts, the processing content, the total length and cutting depth of the cutting tool provided by the tool designer. This system provides corresponding types of tools, blades and recommended cutting parameters, and selects the cutting parameters of tools and blades interactively. The software can automatically provide the possibility of several tool combinations (integral and several modular) according to the machine tool model, tool (including blade) and tool system (Sandvik or KOMET) provided by the designer, and prompt the inventory situation. The designer will determine the tool combination type according to the inventory situation and structural optimization. Among them, the high soft power service quality is also a point we have to consider. According to the tool combination type determined by the designer, the software draws the tool description card of the machining center, that is, the general drawing of the tool of the machining center. The general drawing of the cutting tool shall include: the structure drawing of the cutting tool with main dimensions, the part number, and the list of corresponding components and cutting parameters

8) the system query function

takes the tool code and process characteristics as the search conditions, and can retrieve the information of components (ordering number, name, structural size, inventory, service life, etc.)

9) virtual assembly of tools

complete the virtual assembly process of modular combined tools under given process conditions, and complete the trial assembly of tools in the design stage

10) tool usage warning

the durability of the tool used can be monitored by statistical analysis of the actual use time and processing parameters of the tool. The key technology of the software system is to establish and improve the four components of machining center machine tool and NC machine tool "graphics system", "database system", "assembly scheme system" and "tool management system", so as to realize the rational use of its tool resources

3 running example of NC machining center tool information integration system

the main functions of the NC machining center tool information integration management system proposed in this paper are shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4, and its tool matching results are shown in Figure 5

Figure 3 tool information integrated management system toolbar of NC machining center

Figure 4 tool database system navigation interface

Figure 5 tool description card automatically generated by the system

the system integrates subsystems such as tool library management, process file design, automatic drawing of process files, tool database management and query, system function expansion interface, and each subsystem is oriented to a unified database, The result of each operation will be the input conditions or reference information of other subsystems. The basic operations of its operation include the initialization of the database, the inventory of tool inventory, the design and output of tool process documents, the collection of tools, etc. it can realize the selection and assembly of tool components from different manufacturers in the multi tool system, and provide practical and feasible technical solutions for enterprises to optimize the selection of tool resources

4 conclusion

CNC machining center tool information integration technology system software is one of the important projects of current manufacturing industry 4. Risk warning: information construction. It can not only provide effective technical support for intelligent manufacturing technology system and pdm/ERP system, but also lay a technical foundation for the research and development of Networked Virtual Manufacturing Technology in mechanical manufacturing industry. The technical achievements of this research work can increase the technical reserves of software products in the domestic machinery processing industry, give play to the power of electronic information technology in transforming traditional industries, improve the level of product design and manufacturing, and enhance the innovation ability and product competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. (end)

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